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Testimony – 95


The Testimony of Scott


I, from around the age of eight until seventeen, was on a fairly regular basis (say every few months on average) being visited by spiritual beings. To give more depth and understanding I will describe several encounters (not near all of them, there were way too many) and what I did to make them stop.

I was about eleven years old and had just gone to bed, it was about nine pm. For some reason I woke during the night with a chilling feeling so I sat up and turned my light on. When I gazed around the room, out the corner of my eye I caught the sight of movement. What happend next was clearly the work of some cross-dimensional being. I looked down to my right only to see my soccer ball next to my bed spinning in a circle about one ft in diameter. I lost my breath in shock, I couldn’t understand what was happening. I suddenly screamed and pulled the covers over my head. I yelled to my parents as loud as I could but they never came which was so strange because they would often come down the hall at the slightest hint of noise to indicate I was still awake.

A year or so later I had developed a hobby of collecting and reading books, strange for a kid at that time but I’m better for it. I would often stay up late and very quietly read my books, with the door closed, a towel at the bottom of the door to stop light going through and only my bed light on. Next to my bed was one of those ‘Far Side’ calendars and every day when I would tear them off I would scrunch them up in a very strange but unique way that even to this day I haven’t seen before. At about ten pm I switched off my light and laid down to sleep, when a piece of paper hits me in the face. I immediately turn on the light, there was never a noise, the door was still closed with the towel firmly pressed against it, still shocked I look down at the paper on my lap. I see that I have scrunched this up, it was a Far Side calendar page, what is stranger, it was twenty days old. This also was not long after a Wigi Board experiment.

I had since moved house and had little harassment from these spirits or whatever you wish to call them when one day I was alone in the house, watching T.V, when I looked over to the kitchen to find a person standing there. I stared for what seemed forever and then suddenly, poof, it shot off into the laundry. It had until this stage not showen itself to me; this was an advancement in its methodology and it truly was freaking me out.

I had many other experiences between all that I have mentioned, often ones involving being woken up frozen in bed or being touched, but this is just a snippet.

I told my friends mum, with what I admit to be some pride, that I had been consistently visited by spirits since I was a kid and told her a few of these experiences. She was horrified and instructed me to not engage these beings, only do so if I wanted to get rid of them. She told me to say, “Get out of my house as it and my soul belong to Jesus Christ”. I shrugged it off and that was that.

About six months later I was at home, it was night and I was walking up the stairs. I got to the top and a spirit ran straight past me and touched me then slamed the door after it. My parents yelled at me for the door slamming and then realised something was wrong when they saw I was frozen and looked as white as a ghost.

Later that night I went to go through that same door from the other side. I had left the door open half way so I had to open it a bit to get out. As soon as I put my hand on the handle there was an almighty pull from the other side, it was so strong, so much so that I had both hands on the handle and was using my body weight to pull. after about ten seconds of pulling the door all of a sudden gave way and I fell backwards (Please keep in mind the windows were closed and there was absolutely no draft…. and not even a draft could do that).

I told my brother this story and he also told me a few, one of which was the constant slamming of the cellar door of which had to be lifted from the ground up and weighed about twenty kg (aprox. 38lb). I told my friends mum about the recent events and she reminded me of the previous conversation we had on the topic. The spirits are evil she said; “if they are acting in secret, if they hide from you and demonise you then they are not of God”!

I took the advice seriously this time and when I got home I prayed for the Lord to rid the spirits for my house, to take out all that is evil. I then commanded in the name of Jesus Christ for anything not of God to leave my house as it and my soul belong to Jesus! That was when I was seventeen, I’m now twenty four and haven’t had a visit since. I’m a born again Christian and worship on a daily basis. Jesus is my Lord and saviour and since that moment when I was only seventeen he has led me through other tough times. Without Christ I would seist to exist in my view. I would be nothing more than a lost, deceived, tortured soul, walking the earth only prolonging my Hellish fate. 

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