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Lucid Dreaming, Alien Encounters, and The Ultimate Battle For My Soul


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Testimony – 55


The Testimony of Dianne

The Ultimate Battle: A Testimony of One Soul’s Journey

Part I: In the Beginning 

About 6 years ago, I recognized a change in my dreams. They started to become more and more vivid, or what some would term “lucid.”  I then began to acknowledge reoccurring patterns or themes, one in which included me continuously being surrounded by masses of people that were not familiar to me.  Even though their shapes were that of “human,” I felt as if they were strangers, and it seemed that I was a stranger to them, as well.  They would stare at me with eyes filled of question, curiosity, and awe.  Their looks also seemed to long for direct communication. 

I then started to become aware of sound in my dreams, something I’ve never noticed before.  As this awareness progressively became more and more pronounced each night, I had an innate feeling that I was being prepared for direct contact. Sure enough, that’s exactly what happened.  
In my first encounter, I was placed in an interviewing room with gray walls.  The main interviewer took on a woman’s shape, but when I looked into the pupils of her eyes, I had a feeling she was not human at all.  Many questions where asked, that I answered, but I could only remember a few of them after I awoke.  One question asked was, “how are you able to contact us at such a young age?”  Other questions were in regards to my capabilities to do such things as fly and move objects simply upon will; powers that I acquired throughout my recent experiences with lucid dreaming.  I then remember being placed in an open grassy field to demonstrate these newly acquired powers, as my interviewers observed.   

When I awoke from what I felt was my first direct contact, I had an instinctual feeling that communicating with these entities was not to my benefit.  A few weeks later, another direct communication occurred.  This time I was sitting at a round table with a handful of entities closer to my age that took on the appearance of “humans.”  Again, I was able to ask questions, one being “what is the meaning to my existence?” They replied that by experiencing this life I would evolve into a higher state when I died, but in order to reach my greatest potential, I should try getting into politics.  They even suggested assassinating my country’s president.  Once I awoke, I then knew for sure that these entities were not looking out for my best interest, especially because they were asking me to commit murder. 

Then the dreams of torture began…. 

The Ultimate Battle

Part II:  Trials and Tribulations 

For at least 3 solid years, my dream experiences were absolute hell.  At first, I would resent falling asleep.  When the dream experience became too horrifying, I could easily wake myself up.  But, soon enough, it seemed I became accustomed to the nightmares and was able to complete the horrific experiences without waking. Looking back, it is amazing to me how my psyche could handle such torture. 
The trials and tribulations began with rape.  It seemed I was a sex slave to many of the same strangers that use to stare at me when my contacts first started.  Men, women, individuals, and groups of people would have their way with me.  I also remember being quite often used as a “striper,” either placed on a stage to perform by myself, or with other women in my situation. 

I also had to face all of my other Earthly fears.  Tornadoes, hurricanes, flooding, earthquakes, and war were just the starters.  Everything I ever loved was slowly decimated. To watch my parents, brother, and husband be slaughtered, in ways I cannot repeat, should have been enough.  But, no, nothing could have fully prepared me for the grand finally.  I had to watch myself die!  I had to watch my body through a mirror, bloat up like a corpse and slowly deteriorate.  

Then something changed.  During one encounter I was approached by a figure dressed in a black hooded cloak.  As it got closer to me, the hood slowly revealed a face of a horrific creature with fangs.  As it opened its mouth and approached my face, I quickly gained control of the situation by telling this monster that he was beautiful.  I then embraced it with a kiss, and amazingly, it disappeared.  

Within a week or so later, I was able to have a conversation with a group of individuals who were offering me power to reign as “Queen” over their dominion, but earning such a reward would come at a price.  The price was for me to willfully have sex with both a male and female version of what I felt was the devil.  Without hesitation, I quickly told them no, and that my devotion was to God and Jesus Christ.  Upon these words, the contact came to an end.    

As I awoke from these experiences each morning, I was puzzled by the fact that I could actually handle getting up out of bed and carry on with my day, like nothing happened.  It seemed that these experiences were limited to my dream life, and far from my waking life.  Or, so I thought.     

The Ultimate Battle

Part III:  A Shift in Contact 

All of a sudden my visions became quite different.  It had seemed the nightmares were beginning to stop, but my dreams were just as vivid.  One night, I saw a very large black stone with red carvings taking on the shape of symbols that did not match any language I have ever seen. Yet, my brain seemed to recognize the importance of this information and quickly tried capturing as many of the symbols as possible.   

I then started receiving visits from entities with other types of important information.  In one encounter I met a man who looked similar to an American Indian, who showed me how my thoughts could easily manifest into reality.  My first thought that came to mind was of a whirlpool in a dark stormy ocean, and sure enough, I found myself in exactly such a place.  As I was being sucked into the whirlpool, I remember my Indian friend screaming at me “control your thoughts, control your thoughts,” before the vision ended. 

In another encounter, I was in what looked like a living room with a very large glass case of knickknacks that reflected the room’s dimly lit light, which quickly awoke my consciousness.  Once I became aware, a woman with shoulder length blonde curly hair approached me, so I started to ask her questions like, “what is your name and how many dimensions exist within the universe?”  I remember her specifically telling me that there are 10 dimensions, before a male entity entered the room.  The two then proceeded to show me how they reproduced in their world, and I quickly returned the favor of such knowledge, by showing them my vagina.  I then felt a sudden urge to leave, and my travel partner concurred this by looking me in the eyes, and telling me that, if I were to stay any longer, I would die.  Before leaving, I was able to see her exit through a screen, very similar to a movie screen, with flashing images.  

In yet another encounter, I was in a room with walls lined with shinny silvery metal, which awoke my consciousness. I first spoke with two women from a different planet, but the language I spoke was not one I have learned here on Earth.  They were having sex, and wanted me to join, but I left to meet with another woman from a different planet in the room next door.  As I entered, she asked me right away “what planet are you from?” I answered “planet Earth.”  As she heard this news, she became quickly enraged and screamed at me “don’t you know that they prosecute women from Earth for being here?”  As she said these words, the room became very blurry and then the encounter ended.  

Throughout other encounters, I met a man with a purple cape who seemed to shimmer like diamonds.  On the center of his forehead, he had a purple spiral.  In one visit, he took me in his arms and   started to fly with me, in an upright position.  As we were going up and up, like an elevator, he kissed me.  As we kissed, his tongue became snake-like, and slithered its way down my throat.  I then looked at my wrists, with my palms facing upward, and noticed a tattoo of a spiral, one on each wrist, just above my hands.  

And then I faced the vortex.  Compared to my previous nightmares, this experience, by far, was now the most horrifying!  I saw three purple spirals, two over my eyes and one over my forehead.  As I saw the spirals swirling on top of my face, I felt a force try to pull me in, but it was my instinct to try to fight it. I had to fight it, for I felt that if the force took control, I was going to die.  I remember telling myself that I was not yet ready to pass on, and after what seemed to be a matter of minutes, I finally broke free of the vortex, awakening, but horrified. It was after this experience, I started to notice how I was surrounding myself with spirals in my waking life. I also started to notice other dreams eerily becoming reality.     

The Ultimate Battle

Part IV:  The Deception 

Mixed in with the visions just described, I also had others that reflected more upon my waking life.  

I awoke stunned that a kiss could feel so real.  Even odder, I had kissed a fellow collogue of mine who had never entered my mine romantically, until I awoke from that dream.  

The following day, I had a work assignment with him, and all I could do was stare at his lips.  From that moment forward, I felt in love. For the next three years, he would plague both my dreams and waking life. 

The dreams kept coming and more and more I became obsessed with him.  I did not care about losing my marriage, because I thought that what I felt was more real than anything I had ever felt before.  The problem was that my love was not reciprocated, and I was married. Regardless, I lived a three-year downward spiral of lies to myself, and others, simply because I felt my dreams just had to be right. 

My affair was abusive, so finally it came to an end, but the deceptive dreams did not.  Sure enough, with one affair full of lies ending, another one would begin two years later. 

Just before leaving the country to visit a newfound friend, I had another intense vision.  This time, I found myself in what seemed to be a dark underground nightclub.  There were popcorn machines with popcorn that I felt motivated to eat, but stopped myself because I knew that the food was contaminated.  Shortly after, I started to become surrounded by people, resembling vampires, that wanted to infect me. I warned them that I was a very powerful woman, and that if they came any closer, I would use my powers to escape.  They did not heed my warning, so I quickly utilized the force of my mind to push them back.  I then noticed a shadowy figure on a balcony just above me, and for some reason, I felt that this person was my one true love, so I flew to him immediately.  Once on the balcony, we embraced, but when we touched, I felt an electrifying force enter my body, so strong that it shook me like a bolt of lighting.  Some time elapsed, and I awoke in his bed, to the sound of a knock at the door.  There was a woman with red hair I had seen before and she wanted to talk to me, but again, I used my forces to push her away.  I never saw my “true love’s” face, but all I could bring back with me was a knowing of his body stature, which was one I had never encountered before.   

My friend was one that I met only briefly, a few months before, on a week long vacation, but we instantly got along.  I was excited about visiting him, but did not expect anything romantic to occur, especially because I still felt traumatized over my last affair and vowed never to cheat on my husband again. If only I listened! 

Sure enough, one thing lead to another, and here I was in the arms of a man who matched exactly the same stature of my “one true love” shown to me in my dream.  And, in his arms, I also felt that same electrical shock.  Even more odd, right before I left, I had another dream that I was marring a cave man, and shockingly, my friend had a tattoo of a cave man on his arm that I never noticed before. 

So, again, I was listening to my dreams, and what followed was the biggest heartbreak of both my life and of the two men I loved the most.  Lies, lies, and more lies, became the norm.  I was lying to others and myself, in order to get what I felt was my destiny.  But, it was my husband’s unconditional love and forgiveness of me, which saved me from what seemed to be a spell over my life.  And finally, I was able to tear away, once again, from the false promises of my dreams, in order to live a life of truth.   

But, the visions still come, as the battle for my soul continues… 

The Ultimate Battle

Part V:  The Battle Continues 

About 3 days before I stumbled upon an article describing CE4’s research, I had a dream that matched the types of experiences Joe Jordan is documenting.  It was similar to a dream discussed earlier.   

Again, I was approached by what I felt were evil entities, but instead of offering me power, they offered me the gift of fame.  I actually got to see myself on stage and immediately realized that this may be how others, who our famous here on Earth, gain stardom. I could also feel the urge of wanting to be famous, but my instinct was to fight their offer by, again, pledging my allegiance to God and Jesus Christ.  Once those words were spoken, the vision stopped. 

I am still having lucid dreams each night, which include meeting entities not of this planet.  Other types of encounters, not previously discussed, include seeing spaceships in the sky that are quickly shot down by military fighter jets.  I remember in one encounter, I felt horrible that our government was responding with violence.  I then saw a bubble like-craft fly down from the sky and approach me.  Two alien beings were piloting the ship.  I felt scared at first, but one of the aliens looked at me, waved, and smiled.  The silliness of his smile made me laugh, and I felt at ease, so I quickly waved back.   

There are times, however, that I have felt horrified by spaceship encounters, particularly when my body starts to elevate into the sky, without my consent, and a spaceship is awaiting my arrival.  In another horrifying incident, I awoke to what I felt was the underbelly of a spaceship on top of me, which was made up of bright triangular colorful lights, and then I found myself in a room that resembled my childhood room, however, there was no gravity! 

Overall, I do not know why I am having these experiences, and what these experiences may mean, but I do feel that documenting them is important.  

The dreams still come, so my battle continues…   

[Dianne is currently in progress.]



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