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Testimony – 66


The Testimony of Sam

 All right.  Well, first I would like to preface by saying I am a follower of the Lord Jesus Christ (although am very bad at it regrettably) and have been seriously since only 2003 even though I grew up in a strict Christian household (I’m 25 now).  I have no history or fascination with the occult (other than the standard ‘dabbling’ most American children engage in i.e. scary movies, books, Bloody Mary, etc.).  I’ve backslidden many times, however, and my father was a primary contributory force in mine and my siblings’ growth in a ‘severe broken home.’  I won’t get into that, only to say it was traumatic (although not so much as others have gone through).  

My “experiences” or whatever they are didn’t start, or I didn’t identify nor perceive them as “paranormal experiences” until after one of my friends relayed a similar experience she’d had to me.  In her ordeal she was asleep on her couch and coming in contact with a ‘being’ she became paralyzed and could hardly breath until she uttered the name of Jesus consequenting in the cessation of the attack.  She’s had other encounters, but this one always struck me the most profound.  I can’t recall how long after she told me that story I had my first experience, that being neither here nor there, I was dreaming that I was in a vast space with a muted grey atmosphere (the ground was flooded with a half inch to inch of water), almost like an overcast day but more subdued yet expectant, and off some distance there was a wedding party with some ushers, a bride (one of my friends), a groom, and a baby stroller or carriage of some sort.  As I approached said party the people began to file away with some urgency with no heed to my person whatsoever.  I too began to feel an almost dread urge to leave that place, but there was nowhere to go as that space was empty as far as the eye could see.  Then, all of a sudden I was in the hallway in my house, but the only part of my house that existed was that lit up hallway, three closed bedrooms, and an open bathroom.  Even though I was in a different location I felt in my spirit the same malevolence that had caused the wedding party to flee was still coming.  I went into the bathroom to hide and when I turned on the light there was an older black male standing behind me who I did not know nor had ever seen.  He was smiling, but there was something horribly sadistic about his grin.  I couldn’t move or do anything.  Then, the man began to vibrate rapidly whilst trying to enter my body and at that point I woke up (or thought I did).  Now this is where it gets really weird.  I was in this state that some of your other testimonials talk about that is in between waking and sleep (but I really thought I was awake) and this is important because it’s always in this ‘state’ that these occurrences happen under.  It’s not quite like being awake because I don’t feel fully alert and conscious, but it’s lacks the lucidity and abstractness of a dream (even a lucid dream where one is fully aware that they’re dreaming; it’s more real than even that).  Anyway, I was back in my bed thinking I was awake, when all of a sudden I felt that same violent vibration and something trying to enter me.  My breath began to leave me forcefully while at the same time experiencing paralysis and even rising in the air a little.  It was then I remembered that my friend invoked the name of Jesus to cease her prior experience I related, and at this point in time I did the same and then the “attack” stopped and I woke up for real. 

 Well, the second time all I remember is that I was in the same dreamish state lying in my bed in the middle of the night when all of a sudden I couldn’t breath, was paralyzed, and couldn’t even hardly see except that I could ‘see’ or perceive a being to the right of me restraining my wrists preventing me from fighting back.  The being was like a shadowy outline but more light grey toward the center, smoky and ephemeral in nature.  As ‘it’ held me I again called out to Jesus and the incident stopped again. 

Now, this third time happened last night.  Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of reading on aliens, the end-time deception, and the strong delusion God will send and have watched a lot of YouTube videos on the subject also.  Last night after dreaming a normal dream I immediately entered the dreamish state, only this time I was in a tight metallic compartment in some sort of vehicle of which I got the distinct impression was traveling upward.  The compartment, as far as I explored it, was half-moon shaped with no visible way out, although it did have a window facing interior to the vehicle.  It felt so real and I was astonished, and to be honest with you when this segment of the dreamish state commenced, I really thought I was being raptured in my physical body, that’s how real this experience was.  I quickly realized this was not the case, but I was traveling somewhere.  I was alarmed to say the least, knocking on the metallic walls of the hold trying to escape.  When I began to look for a way of escape near the window, that’s when a creature looked in at me, which I can only describe as a “Grey” but not exactly.  I immediately said Jesus’ name, and nothing happened.  I said it again and still nothing, and that’s when I panicked.  I thought that this time whatever was being planned for me would play out in it’s entirety before I got the chance to leave, and it was then that I cried out in desperation, “Jesus Christ help me!”  All of a sudden everything melted away and I woke up.

What strikes me about these experiences is that one, they didn’t start until after my friend told me about hers, two, I have no real way of knowing if they truly happened in ‘real time’, but three, I’ve had scary dreams all my life (some arguably a lot more scary than these) but have NEVER felt the need to invoke the name of Jesus in them; only in these three where I was attacked. Now, I’ve had lucid dreams before (which are rare), and I’ve entered the ‘dreamish’ state before too without incident (which is even rarer), but like I stated above, in only those three instances where I was ‘attacked’ have I EVER felt the need or have been compelled to name the name of Jesus Christ.


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