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The Testimony of Alisha

I don’t know if my experiences are typically what is called an abduction, but I read through other testimonies on here and some of them sound like mine. My experiences started out with a “haunting” in my house and eventually turned into sleep visits.

I grew up with a mother who was obsessed with the paranormal. She played with Ouija boards and held seances as a teenager. In her adult years, she became obsessed with looking for UFOs in the sky, “ghosts”, demons and other paranormal things. Our house had demonic visits. We would see them frequently. Sometimes they looked like strangers, sometimes they took the form of a family member, sometimes they looked like shadow men, other times they looked completely demonic. There were numerous encounters. It was so bad in our house that none of us would sleep upstairs where most of this would occur. We slept downstairs on the floor and on the couch rather than sleeping upstairs in our own beds. Only on occasion would any of us dare to sleep upstairs. Even guests we had over, who knew nothing of the evil in our house upon arrival, would be terrified of staying there very long because they experienced it, too.

I experienced these things so often and was terrified of them, but they were almost normal to me because it had been happening for so long and so frequently. They usually materialized in the room with me, or I’d see them walk from room to room. Sometimes I would hear voices, banging noises, and rustling. Items would disappear and reappear somewhere else, like they were playing games with me. Finally, one night when I was fourteen, I had my first paralysis experience. I dared to sleep upstairs that night, and I woke up to find something invisible pulling me off of my bed by my ankles. When I tried to get away, I realized I was paralyzed. I always believed that Jesus is the son of God, and I believed the Bible was true, but that was about as far as my walk with Him went. At the moment of this experience, I knew He was the one to turn to for help, so I prayed to Him and the attack stopped. The next episode of paralysis occurred three years later when I was seventeen. I woke up because my bed was shaking. At first, I thought it was a small earthquake, but then I saw a shaggy-haired woman, short in stature, who looked like she was wearing layers upon layers of clothing. She was standing in my doorway staring at me. The only light in my room was the moonlight shining through the window, so I couldn’t make out her face. At first I thought it was my mom trying to scare me, but then I realized I could hear her laughing and watching television in the living room. The woman moved toward me, and I tried moving away from her and yelling for my mom, but I realized I couldn’t do either thing because I was paralyzed. Once again, I prayed to Jesus to help me and the attack stopped. This was the last paralysis attack for many years, although the normal haunting experiences in the house still occurred.

I went on with my life, moved out, went to college, and got married. When I was 26, my relationship with God grew, and I began doing more than just believing in Him. For a year after this, my house was clean of these demonic entities. Then, shortly after I turned 27, which was last summer, the attacks began again. The first time it occurred again, I woke up to a very strong evil presence in my bedroom. I couldn’t see it visually, but I could sense where it was in the room, and I could follow where it was going with my eyes, even in its invisible form — this is how strong the evil presence is. It walked to the end of my bed and climbed on top of me. I still couldn’t see it, but I could feel it suffocating me. I tried to call my husband’s name and shake him awake, but it was then that I realized I was paralyzed. After a bout of panic, I remembered to ask for Jesus to help me. Once I did, the attack stopped, and I could breathe again. Within a week or two, I experienced something strange. I went to bed early that night, and I was alone in my bedroom. I woke up because I could hear my husband bringing in the dog from outside. I could hear them walking through the house, and I could hear him talking to the dog. At one point, I thought he said something to me, but I couldn’t make out what he said, so I tried calling to him and asking him, but I realized I was paralyzed and couldn’t talk or move. An overwhelming feeling came over me that I had to know what he was saying because it was important. Suddenly, it felt like my body popped up, and I was in the doorway of my bedroom. I looked back to the bed, only to realize I could still see myself lying there. The overwhelming feeling of having to know what he said grew in me, so I didn’t even care about my body at the moment. Instead I began to make my way to the room where my husband was, except I was sort of bouncing there. I felt like I didn’t have full control of my “body”, like something was driving me like a vehicle, and at the same time each of my steps was bouncing, like an astronaut on the moon. When I entered the room, I could see my husband sitting at his computer with his side to me. I asked him what he said, but no matter how many times I asked, he seemed to ignore me. Finally, I fell on the ground because I could no longer keep my balance. When my hands smacked the tile floor, he looked directly at me, except it looked as if he was looking through me, and then he turned back to his computer. I was trying to stand back up, and at the same time I was still asking him what he said. Every time I made it onto my hands and knees, my legs would begin sliding out from under me. I then turned around to look at my legs, only to realize something had me by my ankles and was pulling my legs out from under me. It was an invisible entity again. It began dragging me back toward my bedroom. I was trying to call for my husband, but he still didn’t hear me. I dug my fingers into the cracks of the tiles to try to grip something, but it was too strong for me. I prayed to Jesus, and the next thing I knew, I was lying in my bed again. I was terrified and yelled for my husband. This time he heard me and came to me. I told him what happened, and he said it was just a nightmare. Although it was so real, I convinced myself it was a nightmare as well, because I didn’t believe in out-of-body experiences or anything like that. I began telling him a more detailed version of my experience. During my experience, I noticed there were pieces of hay on the floor, as well as dishes and napkins that were beside my husband at his computer (none of that had been there when I had gone to bed that night). I also told him about how he had looked at me when I’d fallen and turned away. When I mentioned the hay, dishes, napkin, and my falling experience to my husband, his eyes grew wide, and he looked frightened. He told me our dog had tracked in hay when he had brought her inside earlier, and that he really did have those dishes and napkins because he had eaten something after I’d gone to bed. He also remembered hearing a sound and looking over to see what it was, and nothing was there, so he had turned back to his computer. The sound had come from the exact same spot where I had fallen, so I assumed he had heard me fall, but I was invisible to him. I don’t know how I knew those things unless I had really been there somehow. A few weeks later, I had another experience. I woke up to find what I thought was my husband lying on top of me, propped up on his arms. It was early morning this time, so I could see him clearly enough to know it was my husband. It was clear by his actions that he was trying to have sex with me. I thought this was unlike him to be doing this while I had been sleeping and to be acting the way he was; I thought at the time that he was acting like an animal. After a moment, he lied down with his weight completely on top of me, and I could feel his breath on my neck. The pressure of his body was suffocating me. I tried pushing him off, only to realize that I was paralyzed. I panicked so much because I couldn’t breathe, that I couldn’t think of anything else. I managed to turn my head to the side ever so slightly, but it was well enough that I could see my real husband lying beside me in the bed with his back to me. Right then, I knew what was on top of me wasn’t really my husband but only pretending to be him. I panicked even more and tried so hard to push it off of me with one arm and wake my husband with the other, but I couldn’t move. I remembered to pray to God, and as soon as I had, the entity was gone and I could move and breathe again. After that experience, I prayed harder than I had about the other ones, because I was terrified about what it had been doing to me. I tried even harder in my walk with God, because I thought maybe it was my own fault these things were occurring — maybe I was leaving open some kind of a doorway for them to come into my life. The attacks stopped for several months. During those months, I found out that two of my sisters and my teenage niece had also experienced episodes of paralysis and attack. One sister’s attacks had stopped years ago; the other sister still experiences them. It may be no coincidence that she is largely involved with the New Age religion. My niece is still undergoing these attacks as well. My attacks started up again this month. The first time this month, I woke up to the invisible entity again. Immediately I knew what was happening, so I closed my eyes tightly and kept them shut, because I was afraid of what I would see. I tried to wake my husband once again, and, as usual, I realized I was paralyzed. Amidst the panic, I remembered to pray to Jesus, and immediately I could move again and the being was gone. The following day I heard strange noises in my closet and bedroom all day long. Two nights passed, and it occurred again. This one is my most recent experience and it happened just last night. I woke up to an evil presence. Once again, I recognized what was going on and that I was paralyzed. I closed my eyes tightly before I had the chance to see what was there, and I kept them closed so I wouldn’t have to see what evil was attacking me this time. I knew if I looked at it, it would make it much more frightening for me. As soon as I had squeezed my eyes shut, I felt myself float up off the bed, still in a lying down position, and I began spinning around and around, like a ceiling fan. The spinning became faster and faster, and I grew extremely dizzy and terrified. I couldn’t bear to open my eyes and see this horror. In my mind, I called out, “Jesus, please help me,” and immediately I was back in the bed and able to move again. I don’t know what I experienced. I don’t know if my physical body was really spinning, or if I was out of body and spinning, or if this being was manipulating my mind to cause me to feel as if I was spinning. Ever since this happened last night, I have been dizzy. I don’t know what it did to me or what it will do to me in the future, but I know that every time I’ve asked Jesus to help me, the attacks have stopped immediately.


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