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Tall Grey Stopped in Name of Jesus – I still don’t think my body left my bedroom


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Testimony – 113


The Testimony of Brent


Dear Mr. Jordan,

I am now 57 but when I was between 12-14, I had what I have always considered a nightmare…until hearing other stories. The dream started with me walking with a tall grey toward a table with equipment all around it, like a dentist but with unrecognizable machines. I was walking but was not controlling myself. I got on the table and the grey threw a sheet of saran wrap looking stuff, but it was much more rubbery feeling. The material sucked down over my whole body and I was paralized. I remember it being over my mouth but I was not aware of gasping for air like I would in real life. The tall grey had been beside me as I was walking and was now beside the table. It picked up an instrument attached to a mechanical arm (like a dentist drill is) and was about to insert it into my mouth. I was trying to scream out the name of Jesus but could not at first. I called to Jesus for help and finally got my lips to move as I croaked out his name with much difficulty. Immediately, the experience ended and I woke up in my bed the next day not very shaken, I just thought it was a nightmare. I remember as I was walking to the table with the grey, the smell was horrible, like sulphur and something rotting. The grey was very unconcerned the whole time but I knew it was evil. There was another one in the room who ignored us but was working at another table.

When I heard other stories, they were eerily similar. I still don[t think my body left my bedroom. As a small child, about 4 years old, I had out of body experiences until, while I was out of my body, something evil which I never saw, was coming after me…I could feel It. It only happened three or four times but after that experience, I was never able to do it again. While it lasted though, I looked forward to going to bed so I could fly. This experience was the first and only time I left the house. We lived in Vicksburg, ms and I flew across the MS river before I got scared. I remember the river and the city below me. I would always see myself on the bed when I came back, then fall backwards into my body and wake up.

You can use the abduction story, but the out of body thing would forment cracks about what kind of drugs I had done to which I would have to say “I was 4 years old dumbass!”.

I appreciate your work and can’t wait for our Lord to come soon!



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“The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody else anywhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience.”

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