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I Couldn’t Move in the Night, Not Sleep Paralysis


The CE4 Research Group

Testimony – 80


The Testimony of Jimmy II   

Dear StopAlienAbduction, 
I want to thank you for providing me an answer to my problems. Lately I have been getting 3 times a week a sensation I couldn’t move through the night. I investigated the Sleep Paralysis Theory, but I didn’t believe it. When I found a similarity with Alien Abduction, I tried to find a way to stop it and sure enough, I found you. Yesterday I got the same sensation and remembered what I read. I said in my mind “Jesus, Jesus help me!” until I could say it aloud, and I could move again. The second I said the Lords name I felt a moment of relaxation. Now I know what do when it happens again.



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The CE4 Research Group has to date worked with over 400 so called cases of the Alien Abduction Experience. The CE4 Research Group has been the Investigative arm of, a clearing house website covering the Biblical view on the UFO phenomenon. Seeing that there seemed to be a spiritual nature to the Alien Abduction experience, they posed the question, “Are Christians being abducted by Aliens”? Read more on their research and findings at

“The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody else anywhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience.”

– Joe Jordan, President CE4 Research Group, 1997 Florida Today article

Piercing the Cosmic Veil

New Release: July 7, 2020
By Joseph Jordan and
Jason Dezember

Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions
Stop and Can be Terminated as a Life Pattern
in the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

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Are Alien Demons?
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