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Testimony – 79


The Testimony of Zechariah

I go to Bible college now and I have been saved for about 4 years, but prior to that I was heavily into the occult. I was exposed to a lot of that stuff at a very young age and bear permanent mental and physical scars from my involvement with it. The first thing that made me repent were dreams that I had, recurring ones that I had killed someone. I had no idea who where or how, just these horrible night time notions that I was guilty of killing someone. At the same time i was living in my brother’s camper and one of the conditions of my staying there was going to church with him and his family. I accepted Jesus soon after and prayed for help and the nightmares stopped and never returned, Praise God. That was the first time I witnessed God’s power in my life. Although I now knew to rely on God for help and healing, I knew little Scripture and still had a lot to learn about avoiding gateways. I was encouraged by some friends who had taken a Reiki level one certification course to try working with it, which I thought was fine because I had been told it was based on using the Holy Spirit to heal. But I tell you now, that stuff is concentrated hellfire. me and my ‘friends’ had taken a trip to the mountains. It was beautiful out there at night under the stars away from all the urban light pollution. we were all flat on our backs lying on the deck, looking up at the stars and I said out loud ‘Man, I wonder how many civilizations we could possibly be looking at right now.’ We kind of talked about that for a while and then went inside where they began to show me the postures and meditation exercises that go along with the practice. we did that for a half hour, then talked a little more, then went outside to smoke. a few minutes later, my friend pointed low in the sky and said ‘ what the heck is that….’ It was a bright yellow light hovering over a mountain to the north, racing in short bursts back in forth in all directions, slowly climbing upwards. we managed to set up a tripod and snap pictures of the object for over an hour, and they are some of the craziest pictures i’ve ever seen to this day. I was always interested in UFOs as a curiosity (mostly due to vivid sleep experiences where silver ships ‘downloaded’ strange symbols into my mind that i subsequently became obsessed with), but after this encounter I began to learn everything I could about them. As I learned more, the less any of it made sense to me. It bothered me that whenever people talked about what they were it was always WAY tripped out, all based on occultism like telepathic communication, remote viewing etc….the Steven Greer/ Bob Dean camp. I was experiencing discernments not only with these so-called authorities on the subject but with the people around me also. I split from that crew of people and enrolled at a seminary. Right around this time I came across the Ancient of Days conference and saw some of Guy’s vids. It was then that I realized that I invited the experience I had with the UFO through my involvement with the Reiki energy and that the UFO actually was a demonic entity. Teaching the truth about these entities is a major focus of my walk as a Christian and will be equally important wherever I minister.. Since then I have realized my errors and have grown through God’s grace every day, and praise Him for loving me enough to grant me the ability to discern the truth about these times we are in. also, I know now the person I felt guilty for killing was only me. It was conviction by the Holy Spirit. I hope this helps, these are going to be the most trying times the world has ever seen. Be prepared, know your Scripture. Christ is King, he is the only one who can save you. I never thought I would ever be free of the oppression I was experiencing, but I am through Him. God Bless



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“The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody else anywhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience.”

– Joe Jordan, President CE4 Research Group, 1997 Florida Today article

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