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Testimony – 7


Testimony of Max   

I wasn’t always a born again Christian, actually I remember thinking “I have become what I hate the most”. Though I was raised catholic and accepted Jesus Christ as the Most High at the age of 6, it hadn’t really been a big part of my life up until mid-May 2000, 17 years later. Growing up in Canada and moving from Quebec to Vancouver and then to Toronto I would see things that others didn’t seem to, “paranormal things”, demons, ghosts and goblins. I wouldn’t tell anyone because I just figured we didn’t talk about this stuff or it was all in my imagination. I would also see angels or golden light-balls too, when I accepted Christ as a lifestyle I was 6 and a golden light-ball came to me and asked me what I wanted to do when I got old ? My answer was this, ” I wanna be just like Jesus and walk amongst my people in peace”! THIS IS EXACTLY WHAT I ANSWERED AT THE AGE OF 6 TO THAT BALL OF LIGHT THAT ONLY I WAS ABLE TOO SEE. Right away I was convicted of my own sin, I remember thinking how I could be a better child for my parents and a better brother to my older sister and not tease her as much as I did. I had a pretty normal childhood, aside from seeing that stuff and having strong lustful thought at an early age, which again I thought was normal.

At the age of 12, I saw two golden angels help me over a car that I was hit by while riding my bike, that same year I saw what I thought was my deceased grand-mothers ghost, these as well I never told anybody until a few years after. As a family, we never really went to church, prayed and gave thanks at meals nor did we observed the Sabbath, we celebrated Christmas though ! In my childhood I had always been fascinated by ghosts and aliens, I had read a few books here and there, I would also read about Bigfoot, werewolves and the Loch Ness monster. At the age of 14 I started drinking and smoking cigarettes, really rebelling.

By 16 drinking wasn’t fun anymore, I had never really likes drinking, I found something I did like, hash and marijuana. By that time I had already experienced alien abductions and had been anal probed, years later South Park the cartoon mentions it and I laughed when I heard them mention anal probes because, laugh was all I was able to do. One weekend a friend and I were so bored we mad a Ouija board and summoned the dead, that led in some people getting possessed. The high school I attended was catholic, we wore uniforms and said Our Lords Prayer every morning.

At about 17 I fought with a spirit in my room, it named itself Jacob and flung me to the wall where I would be paralyzed in mid-air for about 5 minutes or so, it was a classical old hag attack. In grade twelve I started to go to raves and do ecstasy, what’s funny is that I started to care  more about my grades, especially in the great religions course we were all forced to take. I developed an interest in the religions around the world and started to study some, especially the ones with many gods and demigods. After high school, I quit doing ecstasy, I had thought of going to art school to get into animation, but that changed as I wanted more real life experience before I deciding what to do. The supernatural was all around me by then, I was casting magik circles and spells, had a relationship with a succuci, was studying the occult and metaphysical I had become some sort of new age shaman. Communication with spirits and astral/soul projections were a daily thing, I was led to believe all this was training for my spiritual growth, to raise my consciousness to the next level sort of Babel, but the abductions were really out of hand by then, I had awakened during one, naked I got off the cold metal table, cursing and swearing, waving my hands in the air and pointing to one of them as I approached it  I punched a gray guy in the head, my fist stayed stuck in there and I could feel the goo that it had for brains, the skull cracked like an egg and I saw colors in there and a bad smell came out. It just dropped dead like a puppet and stayed hanging off my hand, that was all I could remember from that event.

This drove me to a shrink where all he could was ” a thousand people are experiencing this, some guy from Harvard wrote a book about it, want pills “? So I took his pills and then found myself getting up one morning leaving a perfectly beautiful relationship with this girl, family and friends, hopped on a greyhound bus and headed for Vancouver to end up living on the streets with crack addicts and prostitutes. Two weeks there another abduction happened and this time there on the ship were reptilians and strapped to the walls were some of my friends from back home Toronto. That morning I realized I couldn’t run nor hide from whatever this was, so I headed home for Toronto, after seeing my friends in comas strapped to the walls I missed them, this was in February 98.

On my return home from Vancouver things were more confusing than ever, the girl whom I had left, her and I tried to continue our relationship but to no avail. Her dad had left the faith and become a Buddhist, she had even told him that God would be pissed off because of it. I am pretty sure that our relationship was the result of witchcraft. Whether or not I learned a lot about what it means to be in a serious relationship. I was still involved in talking with spirits and doing meditations, this is when I started kriya yoga. Spirits led me to some guru from India who taught it. Truly this is the time I discovered that I was searching for something, that my whole life I had been searching but for what I still didn’t know. Starting from my high school years spirits had been given scenes from my certain so-called past lives as to make me believe that they would help me along my spiritual journey, none of this really helped all it really did was make me yearn for more. I was searching for truth, the truth. Then spirits said that because of my stage in my development the hierarchy had decided to link me with another being that was on another planet or some other dimension so that both I and this being could evolve at a quicker rate and  benefit from the merge in consciousness, this is what they termed the “walk in” experience and that I had to agree with it, I was very doubtful and unsure I wanted to do this but they insist and offered me all kinds of reason why I should, they even had dead relatives come and reassure me it was alright that it would also help the whole which is God evolve as well.

Then about 5 1/2  months after that my life was really going into darkness, I was experiencing blood lust for human blood, I was looking for a host who would be willing to let me drink their blood,  my perversion was worst than ever before and hidden memories of the abductions were flooding my mind at all times of the day and night. There was nothing I could do, it was only getting worse by the minute. All my so-called spirit guides had disappeared and none were responding, I was already bi-sexual since late high school and now I was being drawn into the S & M realm of bondage and torture, meanwhile at work I was playing it pretty cool so that no one would notice, but some did. I had summed up that all of this was due to the abductions and the rapes and other things that had gone on up there in the crafts with those reptilians, I would draw them and I in the most perverted scenes imaginable, they wanted me to keep drawing and paint some of these drawings which were pretty much reptilian & human pornography and then get them posted on the world wide web. I was frantic, peers at worked found out of my abductions because I no longer could hide my paranoia, they are great people, most didn’t judge me or mock me, some even believed me and shared some of their experiences. But I couldn’t sit around and have this continue, I was losing sleep, I was terrified of going to bed, I drank just to escape the reality I was living in. I remember my mom asking me what she could do to help me she said something like ” what can I do, give you a pill? give me a pill? give you a gun? give me a gun? what, what will help you”? My mom is an extremely loving and compassionate lady with a lot of patience. I was also fearful because I had remembered my nephew telling us when he was about 2 that at night “the moon would come into his room and take him away”! Many times I wondered why this was going on and how could I end it, suicide was always a good option.

I don’t know how it happened, but as much as I was anti-Christ the Lord led me to and this site helped me come to terms with whatever is going on these end days. It all ended and started one night in mid-May of the year 2000 at the age of 23, I was lying in bed and I started praying to the Lord Jesus Christ, I said something to the likes of ” Lord whatever it takes, I’ll do it just stop these abductions, whatever you want is yours, my life is in your hands, it belongs to you. And this is where I prayed the sinners prayer, it was 4 easy steps.

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