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The Testimony of Anonymous 7

I decided after reading many of your testimonies that I might share my own. If I could remain anonymous that would be nice.

Hi, I am a 19 year old male from Canberra, Australia. My first experience with these entities was when I was a young boy, perhaps 8-10 years old. I remember waking up in my bed and without any power over my body getting up and walking to my backyard. My backyard has a large carport with a two door garage at the bottom of a gentle slope. Parked on top of the garage was what can only be described as a flying saucer. It was very deep however and had a large walkway into the craft. There was immense light coming from the craft however it wasn\'t blinding. I distinctly remember the stars behind the craft being very bright and vivid, more so then normal. I saw alien grays inside the craft and on the ramp, from that moment my memory ends. The main memory was the fear I felt and the sense of helplessness.
My next memory however could have been from the same experience but it seems to be separate. I awoke to dazzling light with these beings around me, maybe about three or four, with big beady eyes and large grey heads. I couldn\'t get away from them and the fear I felt was so paralyzing and great that even the memory of these events awake trembling in me. There my memory ends of that encounter.
From these experiences as a child I grew an acute phobia of anything alien. I was terrified of War of the Worlds, E.T. and other popular movies. I remember being bullied heavily in school because of this. At a young age I remember the original broadcast of War of the Worlds being played in my year 2 class of which I went into a panic and made a fool of myself. This was my first experience of bullying of this nature and it continued into middle school. I don\'t believe I was ever visited again by these entities but I have had strange events occur in my life that I find hard to reconcile, however they are not overtly alien or demonic in nature.

I never told anyone about this until recently, after I had become a Christian. Since my conversion I have been mysteriously cured of my acute phobia of these entities and I have never felt better. Through my journey I have helped others overcome sleep paralysis and even shed light on the true nature of UFO\'s and extra-terrestrials.



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The CE4 Research Group has to date worked with over 400 so called cases of the Alien Abduction Experience. The CE4 Research Group has been the Investigative arm of, a clearing house website covering the Biblical view on the UFO phenomenon. Seeing that there seemed to be a spiritual nature to the Alien Abduction experience, they posed the question, “Are Christians being abducted by Aliens”? Read more on their research and findings at

“The one thing we can offer people in this field, that nobody else anywhere is offering, is hope. Hope that they can stop this experience.”

– Joe Jordan, President CE4 Research Group, 1997 Florida Today article

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