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Special Offer to fund trip to Star Trek 40th Anniversary Expo…

At different times my book (used, and not autographed) has sold for $79, $133, $195, $381 and most recently for $1,849! Click to enlarge screenshots taken from
Direct link to CURRENT “Come Sail Away” link on Amazon

Use this special Donate $25 Button to support the Seattle trip, and receive an autographed copy of Come Sail Away
(LIMIT 2) AND the UFOs 101 DVD.




Or use this button to donate a larger amount of your choice to support this trip’s expenses and receive both items…



Remember, you are always welcome to read it free at

Follow-up to e-mail at right

Following my last e-mail, I learned that Come Sail Away is currently selling for $1849 on Amazon via a used book dealer… Go to and type in “Come Sail Away” to see it for yourself. 

I want it clear that I do not receive anything from Amazon dealers who offer a used copy of my book, and also that I don’t know who is trying to sell it for that price (although since the seller lives in Washington, Mike Heiser is my prime suspect, ha ha!).

So once again, while supplies last or until I leave for Seattle Friday, it’s available for $25 here only and I won’t be mad if you try to post it on Amazon yourself.

If any are left, after I return, I’m going to find out how to become a used book dealer on Amazon!

From the AR Mailing List Sept 2, 2006…

Greetings from (rainy once again!) Roswell NM!

On one of our last “HQ” moves, I came across a half-box of copies of my old book I wrote before moving to Roswell in 1999… “Come Sail Away : UFO Phenomenon & The Bible.” Yes, this is the book that started it all for me – answering that site’s e-mail is largely what led me to be open to God’s call to move here. 

While the book has been officially listed as “out-of-print” for years now (and used copies have sold for $100 to over $300 on – click screenshots at top left), I find myself in a bind and am willing to offer the 20 or so “found” remaining copies to the AR mailing list, as a fund-raiser for a trip I’m taking next weekend, to be at the 40th Anniversary Star Trek convention in Seattle. (Yes, I’ve definitely crossed the line on this one, from serious UFO research conferences to undisputed full fledged geekdom!)

The aforementioned and hoped for authorization from the City of Roswell to split expenses on this conference trip hasn’t come through (just too quick to get it through the proper channels, but they do still want to look at future conferences to send me to, to promote next year’s UFO Festival).

I went ahead and bought the airfare awhile back, but there’s not enough money in our HQ account to afford the hotel and event registration of $495. Bad for me, but maybe good for you! Even though the airfare is purchased, I’m facing the choice to “not go” or raise some funds quickly! So…

I’ve set up this special link where you can purchase an autographed copy of Come Sail Away for just $25, and we’ll also include the UFOs 101 lecture DVD just recorded at this summer’s conference.

Remember you can always read the book for free at
and I don’t want to be guilty of “peddling” this book on anybody. In fact I nowdays refer to it as a “good freshman effort,” but not my last nor definitive word on the subject, considering how much I’ve learned since writing it. 

However, I offer it now to those of you who might be interested in it either as a collectible (re-sell it on Amazon for $100 or more if you like! The link has the proof of it’s past resale value), or simply as a means of support for this one trip. I *WAS* saving these last copies as a fundraiser for when it came time to move to California, but since that’s not going to happen soon, and there’s a somewhat pressing need right now, it looks as if it’s the perfect time for to put these last few remaining books into the hands of those of you who’ve been asking.

Especially for those who have “always meant to” support our work but never have, I hope you’ll consider this the perfect time to start!

Resistance is Ferrengi…

Piercing the Cosmic Veil

New Release: July 7, 2020
By Joseph Jordan and
Jason Dezember

Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions
Stop and Can be Terminated as a Life Pattern
in the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

Are Alien Demons?
Filmed on location in Roswell, NM

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