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 FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife

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“Evidences for a Spiritual View of the UFO Phenomenon:
Why Christian Fundies Think Aliens Are Really Demons” 
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Paper presented in Angelfire New Mexico, at the Alliance Studying Paranormal Experiences conference Sunday Sept 13, 2009

PowerPoint on Display at opening of lecture:

Evidences for a Spiritual View of the Phenomenon:
Why Christian Fundies Think Aliens Are Really Demons

Good afternoon. I’m Guy Malone (and as Leigh said I’m) also from Roswell. It’s an honor to be invited by Janet to share with you at this event, and to be included amongst and presenting with this particular group of speakers – including Roswell’s own well-known expert researchers Dennis Balthaser and Dr Don Burleson, as well as two of my personal favorite guys in the field of secular UFO research, Nick Redfern and Greg Bishop. This is really an honor and I just want to thank Janet again for the opportunity, and for being open-minded enough to let today’s last lecture take this topic outside of the box of what’s normally considered popular.

As you know my topic is “Evidences for a Spiritual View of the UFO Phenomenon” … by that I mean to suggest that the alien phenomena which is indeed a very prevalent part of today’s culture may not genuinely reflect extraterrestrial life forms from other planets, but rather, it’s quite likely paranormal, or spiritual in nature.

Now I know that all of us interested in the field of alien research have eventually run into a Christian Fundamentalist who tells you “…it’s all demonic.” Right? It’s not just me that’s happened to is it? (Okay at least I’m not alone in that….)

But what I think we’ve all found, is quite often that when we’re told by a Christian that aliens are really demons, is that .. to put this not as congenially as I perhaps should… we find that they really don’t know what they’re talking about don’t we? Generally speaking they don’t seem to have a clue. Now, to put that scenario much more nicely – and much more accurately I’ll add – it’s more proper to say that usually the person who tells you that aliens are really demons.. “Doesn’t present you with sufficient evidence.” (PAUSE) Much more specifically, they don’t present you with sufficient evidence to CHANGE YOUR BELIEF that UFOs and aliens represent extraterrestrial life forms, do they?

SO – for someone to just come along and tell you it’s all really demons … well it’s not only insulting, but it also comes across as pretty idiotic, doesn’t it? I think most of the time it comes across to the hearer as an ignorant knee-jerk reaction, without a shred of evidence, coming from a closed-minded person who just categorizes anything they can’t explain or is otherwise “unknown” as demonic. Correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t that the way you usually take it when someone tells you aliens are demonic? Well, please accept my apologies on behalf of any of my brethren who have done this to you, and just left you hanging.

But there’s a flip side as well, that many of you probably know very little about, which does involve some investigation and research, and that’s what I’m going to be sharing with you during this presentation. Narrowing the topic down that the UFO and alien phenomenon might be spiritual in nature, and to answer the question for you Why Many Fundamentalist Christians Think Aliens Are Really Demons, is my hope today.

And of course in the interest of “Full Disclosure” (ha ha) I am a Christian Fundamentalist. I believe The Bible is the Word of God, and that Jesus Christ is His only begotten Son, who died for sins and rose from the dead, paving the only way for humanity to likewise share in eternal life. I don’t mean to offend with that statement, it’s just what I believe. This is still America – so I’m told anyways – and I’m not going to apologize for my beliefs on that, any more than I’d ask you to apologize for your beliefs.

I’m also not going to pretend that this short talk is going to convince you of the view that aliens are demonic in nature. My goal is simply to inform you of WHY many Christian Fundamentalists believe this. Also, I’m not going to tell you you’re going to hell if you disagree with what I present today, okay?

There’s one rule I do want us to agree on however – that I’m not going to let you discount this view out of hand simply because you personally believe there’s no such thing as demons or fallen angels. Whether you do or don’t, that’s about as open-minded as someone telling you well, they don’t believe in aliens therefore that view can’t be right either. We’re not going to get anywhere like that.

It’s very important to state that of course not all Christians think aliens are demonic. Most, in fact, don’t I’d venture to say. I’ve found that many and perhaps even most Christians are very open to the idea of extraterrestrials. Many in fact believe that life on other planets is not only possible, but that it’s probable.

((Certain theologians throughout the ages have cited a doctrine, or a philosophical concept really, known as the Principal of Plenitude. Here’s a couple of historical definitions. – Deleted this due to time restraint))

While he’s of course not a theologian, I’m going to start with a quote by Carl Sagan, as I believe his views have done as much as any modern theologian has to influence the modern Christian viewpoint.

According to Carl Sagan:

“The available evidence strongly suggests that the origins of life should occur given the initial conditions and a billion years of evolutionary time…”


Proponents of the ubiquity of extraterrestrial life and intelligence also commonly appeal to two other principles (in addition to the Principal of Plenitude) called the principle of mediocrity and the principle of uniformity.


Source: The Internet Encyclopedia of Science, citing

Lovejoy, Arthur O. The Great Chain of Being. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press (1962)

That is how I feel most people including many Christians view the question of life on other planets today, assuming (and that’s a big word there) – assuming that the universe is infinite in area, and that time is endless.

But note that Carl Sagan’s view depends on both “the initial conditions” being present, which Christians would argue is not random but is completely up to the Sovereignty of God as to whether those conditions would ever arise – as well as “a billion years” of evolution occurring. As you no doubt know, many Christians do not believe in the theory of evolution, nor do they believe in billions or even millions of years of happening prior to Adam and Eve.

So this is where we first begin to get into understanding the views of Fundamentalist Christians. If a fundamentalist Christian – or an Orthodox Jew for that matter – doesn’t believe in a really old universe, or in the theory of evolution, then Sagan’s idea on the probability of life on other planets falls a little flat right off.

But now many Christians, who would otherwise view themselves as Fundamentalists, do happen to believe in either an old universe and/or that God somehow used evolution in the creation process. So those views aside, there are still at least 3 other major reasons that many Fundamentalist Christians believe that aliens are demonic, that don’t depend upon agreement with the young earth-no evolution view of creation. And assuming you don’t agree with the young earth view either, those are the three reasons that the remainder of this lecture will focus on.

Remember that for the average Christian, even a Fundamentalist, whether God could have created life on other planets is not even a question – it’s a nonsequiter really – nobody doubts that God can do whatever he wants to. But in light of all the paranormal phenomena that’s been documented in the last century – specifically so many thousands of extremely well-documented cases of beings claiming to be just those very aliens – the question really becomes… “Is the Extraterrestrial Hypothesis the best answer to that phenomena?” A large part of the process that Christian researchers have documented over the decades to arrive at the demonic conclusion include

Fruit of the Phenomena and What More Intensive Research Reveals


1) Aliens Bring Primarily Religious Messages

2) Abductions Can Be Terminated

3) Powers of Aliens and Angels

Concentrating on the first for now

Fruit of the Phenomena and What More Intensive Research Reveals


1) Religious Messages Opposed to the Bible:
UFO Cults – Heaven’s Gate, Raelian Religion, Arcturus Society – all the results of alleged contact with aliens

1 Timothy 4:7

While also not being known as a theologian, the well-known abduction researcher from Harvard, 
Dr John Mack, writes

The information that abductees receive is concerned primarily with the fate of the earth in the wake of human destructiveness. Scenes are shown of the planet wasted by nuclear war and especially of the earth’s environment devastated by pollution and toxic clouds…

A number of abductees have been shown apocalyptic images of the earth itself literally cracked open or broken up, followed by elaborate triage scenes in which some people will die, others will survive in some way on Earth, and still others will be transported to some other place where human life will continue in a new way.

John Mack, Abduction pg. 395

I won’t really have time in this talk to develop this theme, other than to say that research by John Mack, Karla Turner, David Jacobs, Budd Hopkins and many other prominent abduction researchers bears out that visions of the end of the world – or at least some massive future apocalypse – is one the major themes that contactees experience in their interactions with aliens. They also often speak of how the aliens will help mankind survive this period. For time’s sake I have to really skip over this theme for now, but do want to ask who here saw the movie “Knowing” with Nick Cage this summer? You remember at the end how a few people – “those who heard the call” – as the movie describes it – were saved from the destruction of the earth and taken to a new planet? Well that wasn’t just one random Hollywood writer’s fantasy… rather it was a perfect summation and depiction of what aliens have been promising people for decades now. The movie is already described by Christian researchers of this realm as “ET Gospel 101.”

The Bible says a great deal about the End of the Age however, and the disasters that will come on the earth before Jesus Christ’s return – specifically in Matthew 24 and the Book of Revelation just for starters. Being brief I just want to insert here for you the documented fact that aliens’ messages routinely contradict the biblical messages of destruction and recreation of a New Heaven and a New Earth by God, followed by Jesus’ 1000 year-reign from Jerusalem.

But this well-researched point by Dr Mack and so many others makes the messages and the promises of aliens suspect from the very beginning. That aliens are here to tell us things – different things – about the End Times – than what God has revealed to the church already in the Bible. If it were just additional info of some sort, it might not be so bad, but the stickler is, it’s contradictory. If a human were to come along and promote different ideas, Christians would just label him as a false teacher. Most would default to a certain biblical passage in the human’s interpretation.

“For the time will come when men will not put up with sound doctrine. Instead, to suit their own desires, they will gather around them a great number of teachers to say what their itching ears want to hear. They will turn their ears away from the truth and turn aside to myths.”

2 Timothy 4:3-4 NIV

That’s not at all a closed-minded knee jerk reaction to new ideas by the way; it’s just adherence to a biblical doctrine that’s been around for nearly 2,000 years.

Research shows that aliens routinely promise deliverance from the disasters foretold in the End Times in a variety of ways – including but not limited to cloning, reincarnation, or by lifting those who follow the aliens off the planet just in the nick of time – it’s a wide enough variety in fact that you yourself would not trust the aliens if you study the larger picture of how many different methods they promise this alleged deliverance.

I’m going to share with you two more scriptures to start with that are probably the most quoted verses in any and all of the UFO books authored by Orthodox or Fundamental Christians.

“Now the Spirit speaketh expressly, that in the latter times some shall depart from the faith, giving heed to seducing spirits, and doctrines of devils…”

1 Timothy 4:1

This is important, because before you can understand fully why Fundamentalist Christians believe what we do about these aliens – or any topic really – you have to have an understanding of what we already believe, before a “new” topic even gets introduced. There is a lens, you might say, that colors our interpretation, especially of new teachings that may come our way. These are warnings, or red flags, from God, that tell us specific things to watch out for. This doesn’t have to mean that we’re paranoid, just watchful. This doesn’t mean we’re closed-minded either, but there are some beliefs that cannot be moved, shaken, or compromised if we’re still going to call ourselves Christians.

So along with the previous scripture I mentioned The Bible actually tells people to expect, in the last days, many people falling away from the faith partly on the basis of believing human teachers of false doctrines, and very specifically, because of seducing spirits that teach the doctrines of devils. Even if one were to accept the entities as genuine extraterrestrials rather than seducing spirits warned about in this passage, their messages reveal themselves to be promoting the doctrines of devils. I’ll give you some examples here in a moment. The vigilant Christian minister – even if he doesn’t believe the demonic hypothesis – would still warn others to shun the aliens as false teachers.

Today I had hoped to go through a list of early books in this field by Christians published as early as 1975 which I won’t really have time for it turns out, but I would be remiss I think to at least not mention the Barry Downing book “The Bible and Flying Saucers” which came out in 1968 – the year I was born in fact. I’m sure many of you have read it or are at least aware of it. This is by a Presbyterian (cough, cough) minister who, like most of the major UFO cults today, makes the claim that many of the miraculous events in the Bible were merely UFO encounters acting on God’s behalf. He even writes “Jesus came to our world by a perfect cover story: By means of the virgin birth Jesus was able to come from another world…”

If a Christian came across that book in the 70’s – and wasn’t deceived by it – a discerning Christian would identify this teaching as not merely offensive, but downright blasphemous. The idea that Jesus is an alien, or even part alien, denies the Godhead that is THE fundamental staple of all true Christian doctrine, that Jesus Christ is fully God, and fully man.

But orthodox Christians in the 70’s who happened to read books on aliens and UFOs would have lumped Downing’s book with Erich Von Daniken and Zechariah Sitchin – whom I also won’t have time to comment on today, but I did bring a DVD entitled The Errors of Zechariah Sitchin if you’re interested – or offended by that remark – done by a PhD ancient languages scholar who is also the author of the website if you want to check that out in the privacy of your own home sometime. The point here is that Christians who came across these books would correctly apply the earlier scripture to such authors, labeling them as false teachers who deny sound doctrine, and because of this, without even looking into any of the research I’ll give you today, they would have only been more suspect – back in the 70’s – that doctrines of demons are somehow behind the UFO phenomenon.

Moving on to what more research tells us about aliens and their quote, “agenda” … the teachings of alleged extraterrestrials have been well-documented over the years in a wide variety of books. This first is from one of Nick Redfern’s books:

Throughout the 1950s and 1960s, numerous people across the United States claimed face-to-face contact with eerily human-looking alienswho preached peace and love, who desired an end to all human conflict, and who demanded the complete disarmament of our nuclear arsenals. Thus was born the cult of the Contactee. Not surprisingly, as a result of the overtly political nature of their revelations, many of the Contactees were subjected to intense surveillance by the U.S. Government…

Nick Redfern, On the Trail of Saucer Spies, pg. 20


“The complete story of Van Tassel’s exploits with apparent extraterrestrials involves weird accounts of meetings with imaginatively named aliens including Numa of Uni, Ah-Ming of Tarr, Rondolla of the Fourth Density, and Zolton, the Highest Authority in the sector system of Vela.”


Nick Redfern, On the Trail of Saucer Spies, pg. 22

So here’s what a Christian as far back as the 1950’s who was looking into the alien phenomenon would have found if they had bothered to look into the trend of people claiming to be alien contactees, and actually read Van Tassel’s material, or attended one of his lectures:

“He (George Van Tassel) said that JESUS was born of MARY, who was a space person sent here already pregnant in order to show earth people the proper way to live. He said the space people have watched over us through the years and have tried to help us.”

Nick Redfern, On the Trail of Saucer Spies, pg. 28-29

One of the more modern accounts, by Bonnie Meyer, who nearly 50 years later, echoes George Van Tassel’s teachings… Her alien, named Monn, told her that

More UFOs in The Bible?

A UFO moved in the sky to Bethlehem and then it placed itself by a star in the sky. And also a UFO helped to part the Red Sea. The parting of the sea was done by lasers, how else could you part and dry up a sea so they could take their chariots across a water bed and when they were safely on the other side let the water come back. But may I say that the UFO’s were working for God. They were doing His bidding at these points in history.

These UFOs also provided the manna from heaven. No I’m not saying that God did not do this, but God worked through the UFOs to produce this. Also, God used a laser to write those things on the tablet, the commandments. These UFOs also parted the Jordan River when the Israelites entered Cannan.

Bonnie Meyer, Alien Contact : The Messages They Bring  pg 180-181

Not much has changed in 50 years, has it? Well except for the alleged aliens’ point of origin… Nick and Greg would both back me up on that part I think. It used to Mars or Venus, but now that we have telescopes and satellites that can tell us about the conditions on those planets, now the aliens come from Pleiades, Orion, etc… places we can’t verify their claims again.

The most controversial thing is the ascension and resurrection of Christ. You see, he went up to a UFO in a beam, he went aboard a ship, and He is alive today and He will return in a ship called the New Jerusalem and it will be stationed outside of the atmosphere.


Bonnie Meyer, Alien Contact : The Messages They Bring  pg 180-181

Now it’s not so much that this teaching is simply offensive to an orthodox Christian, most Christians know already that it’s dead wrong, and once again the source is suspect. Revelation chapters 3 and 21 state that the New Jerusalem descends to the earth, and from then on God makes His tabernacle with men there. Revelation 21 describes the City in great detail in fact, even speaking of its gate.

Author Brad Steiger also writes of the religious nature of these entities’ teachings

A Visitor From Another Galaxy:

The entity identified himself as OX-HO and declared that he had come from a galaxy very near our own to help the people on Earth…OX-HO told those few guests gathered in the Steil home that he was relaying his messages through a “Mother Ship” outside of the Earth’s galaxy. Saturn Council had been informed of the coming disasters on the Earth planet, and they were only “too willing to help.”

The entity went on: “People on Earth, open your doors to our help, for you need it desperately. Remember that we are always on the alert and are now holding off and fighting any enemies from lesser evolved planets. Join our Confederation and be one with the Creator.”

Brad Steiger Aquarian Revelations: Channeling Higher Intelligence pgs. 98-99

I gave an entire lecture focusing on just the messages of extra-terrestrials this summer to a mainly Christian audience, and that slide actually got a laugh. Suffice to say, Christians have a whole nother plan for how to be connected with the creator, and joining the Borg collective is not part of it. Here Steiger’s entity speaking of Jesus

Where and when, the Light Affiliates were eager to know, would Christ return? OX-HO, who referred to Christ as “Esu,” said that His Second Coming would be “where the sun shines in the West and leaves a shadow.” Many of the various Light Beings, who had not suffered a Fall from Grace and therefore had never required a Savior, a Messiah, were continually puzzled by Esu’s interest in Homo sapiens, OX-HO explained to the group. “He shall return where his own people shall be gathered. He will not look as you might expect Him to look, but you will know Him by his eyes. You will have seen them before. Esu will return around the region known as your Great Lakes.

Brad Steiger Aquarian Revelations: Channeling Higher Intelligence pg. 108

Christians generally know that Christ will not return to the America… Statements like these cast extreme doubt on the sources they come from – they’re meant to twist the Bible and lead people to believe in and follow entities that are lying to them. Only people who really know their Bible would catch most of these half-truths  …..   And, of course one of the more infamous contactees

“Claude Vorilhon claimed that in December 1973 he was re-named Rael by Aliens from another world.     Rael claims that HE is the result of a virgin birth ..

Alien named Yahweh told him “we decided that the time had come to send a new messenger on earth” .… … says Jesus was “scientifically revived by other aliens and taken back to the Elohim planet” … says Jesus “didn’t die for the sins of the world .. Jesus’ purpose on earth was to help us advance scientifically and medically to make room for the return of the Elohim to the planet.”   -Jacques Vallee notes in Messengers of Deception that Rael wants to be “the spiritual ruler of the world.”  

Bill Alnor, UFO Cults and The New Millennium, 1998 Baker Books, Ch 7

Note also that Jacques Valle said that Rael wants to be the spiritual ruler of the world. Thank you Bill Alnor for the references…

What Christians generally find is that aliens are very intent on changing people’s spiritual views away from anything resembling Biblical Christianity. Here’s a good summary of what Christians find in researching ET messages throughout the many books that exist – mostly by non-Christian researchers

UFO experiences include paraphysical, parapsychological, and spiritual manifestations which are designed to influence the “world view” of contactees…

The personal metamorphosis of UFO contactees is the forerunner of a social transformation in human consciousness, which now is leading to changes in the economic, educational, military, political, and religious institutions of nations of the Earth: the “New Age” of true science and spirituality.

R. Leo Sprinkle, quoted in Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, 
pg 136-140, Ronald D. Story, Editor

Another non-Christian author writes…

“Another goal of this alien program is the alteration of human consciousness to change our perceptions of ourselves as a species.” 
– Randall Fitzgerald, quoted in Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters, pg 1, Ronald D. Story, Editor

And compare that to what this Christian summary of alien message research says.

“An examination of the evidence indicates beyond any doubt that a primary agenda of the alien visitors – whoever or whatever they are – is to change what human beings think about God and His Word (the Bible) and to replace exclusive Christianity with a religion of universalism” 

Ron Rhodes Alien Obsession (drawing on Bill Alnor’s writing in UFOs in the New Age)

What you’ll find most prevalent in much of the alien contact literature and now all over the web is the claim that when you read the Bible, what you’re really reading about is primitive man’s interpretation of UFO technology – the fire by day, cloud by night that Moses and the Israelites followed was really a UFO, just for instance. This idea pre-dates Barry Downing’s 1968 book, and has been around since the 1950’s at least – contactee George Adamski was allegedly told more things like this during his encounters. The newer twist now being touted is that The Immaculate Conception and virgin birth of Jesus Christ are explainable by alien abduction and artificial insemination resulting in an advanced hybrid teacher to mankind.

But the Bible says that God Himself became flesh, and dwelt among us in the person of Jesus Christ…

In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God

All things were made by him; and without him was not any thing made that was made…

He was in the world, and the world was made by him, and the world knew him not…

And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us…
John Chapter 1

Of course Christians are going to label anything contrary to this as coming from false human teachers and/or the doctrines of devils, again, not because it’s offensive or anything silly like that, but because again, it directly undermines the clearest statements in the Bible and the singular most important tenet of Christianity, that Jesus Christ is God Himself Incarnate as man, or God in the flesh, not some half-breed alien. Here’s another

For in him dwelleth all the fulness of the Godhead bodily. 
Colossians 2:9

In whom we have redemption through his blood, [even] the forgiveness of sins: 

Who is the image of the invisible God, the firstborn of every creature: 

For by him were all things created, that are in heaven, and that are in earth…

… all things were created by him, and for him

Colossians 1:14-15

So the essence of the struggle here from a Fundamental Christian worldview is that of trying to reconcile the reality of alien encounters with what the Bible teaches very clearly. It has absolutely nothing to do with whether life could possibly exist on other planets or not. It all has to do with the fact that the extremely well-documented now messages of beings claiming to be aliens repeatedly attack this doctrine, and claim that Jesus is not really God Incarnate, but is simply an advanced alien.

The common questions that Christians arrive at when they examine the documented teaching of aliens, are quite logically along the lines of  “Why would authentic extraterrestrial biological entities travel 90 billion light years just to attack one specific religion? Why don’t they ever go after or work so hard to change what people believe about Buddha, or Mohammed? Why do they make such a concentrated effort to convince people that Jesus Christ is not true Deity, or God Incarnate? Given their powers and abilities, the Christian truly is left with no choice but to identify these creatures as deceiving spirits.

Finally, here’s a passage many believe to be centered on the coming of the antichrist, which often also gets applied to the UFO phenomena. … here’s where many think it begins to tie in…

“The coming of the lawless one (aka antichrist) will be in accordance with the work of Satan displayed in all kinds of counterfeit miracles, signs and wonders, and in every sort of evil that deceives those who are perishing. They perish because they refused to love the truth and so be saved. For this reason God sends them a powerful delusion so that they will believe the lie…”

2nd Thessalonians 2:7-11

That passage is part of the Fundamentalist worldview by which Christians are taught to interpret world events and the age they live in. Putting it all too succinctly for the sake of time, many Christians feel that the UFO phenomenon is a lying sign and wonder, and a powerful delusion, which will be embraced by those who refuse to believe the gospel. SOME powerful delusion, having global impact, with signs and wonders is exactly what Christians were warned 2,000 years ago to anticipate, as part of the final rise of the antichrist. Since 1947 – the year of the Kenneth Arnold sighting and the Roswell Incident, AND when the nation of Israel stepped back onto the worldstage (another sign of the End of the Age, some believe, adding much fuel to the End-of-the-Age fire)… Since 1947 the UFO phenomenon, you might say, has jumped to the forefront of being the leading contender to fit that bill. (Pointing at screen / 2nd Thess quote)


Plowing through…

Moving on to number 2…


Fruit of the Phenomena and What More Intensive Research Reveals

1) Religious Messages of Aliens
2) Abductions Can Be Terminated
3) Powers of Aliens and Angels

Abductions Stopped in Jesus’ Name

Read First Testimony / Screen shot of 75 – 
Obviously leans toward a spiritual interpretation of the phenomena

Fl Today – 1997  Appeared in 80 Newspapers across country & Flying Saucer Review

Quoted in 14 books

Over 10 years ago, the website came online, and that site and the resulting press from it has done much to influence the population of Christians who aren’t heavily involved in UFO, alien, or abduction research. Many of you have heard of this I believe… Joe Jordan, a MUFON researcher from Florida who wasn’t a Christian at the time, came across a single “case study” where the person stopped their abduction in the name of Jesus Christ. I’m going to read you the details that very first account:

What follows is the case of Mr D‘s experience that took place in Christmas, FL in 1976: His abduction started out typically late at night in bed. Earlier in the evening he saw some anomalous lights through the living room window over a forest north of his house. He assumed it was a police helicopter searching for drug runners or something. Whatever it was, it agitated his dogs for several hours thereafter. He eventually went to bed…


“(Mr D) was lying in bed kept wide awake by the barking dogs when paralysis set in. He was unable to cry out. He could see nothing but a whitish gray, like a mist or a fog, although he sensed something or someone was in his room. His wife didn’t awaken. The next thing he knew, he was being levitated above his bed. He then had the sensation he was being suspended by what felt like a pole inserted into his rectum. By this time he was alive with terror but couldn’t scream…


“Here’s where the story becomes very interesting. The following is an excerpt taken directly from a transcript of Mr. D’s interview:

“I thought I was having a satanic experience, that the devil had gotten a hold of me and had shoved a pole up my rectum, and was holding me up in the air. So helpless, I couldn’t do anything, I said “Jesus, Jesus help me!” or “Jesus, Jesus, Jesus!” …


“When I did, there was a feeling or a sound or something that either that I had thought or the words that I had tried to say, or whatever, had hurt whatever was holding me up in the air on this pole. And I felt like it was withdrawn and I fell. I hit the bed because it was like I was thrown back in the bed, I really couldn’t tell, But when I did my wife woke up and asked why I was jumping on the bed.”

Joe Jordan, “Unholy Communion : The Spiritual Nature of Abduction Reports”

And in his words, from Joe’s upcoming book:

From Unholy Communion, The Book in progress by Joe Jordan

“We pulled out some of the video interviews we had done over the past year to review. We put in a video tape of a man we had interviewed six months prior to me coming to Jesus Christ. He was a frequent visitor to our monthly meetings. He worked at the Kennedy Space Center and had been through a couple of abduction experiences he could remember, and many visual UFO sightings…


It was a typical abduction experience, but with a twist. While the abduction experience was happening, and him being terrified by it, he called out in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and the abduction experience abruptly stopped. At that time, Bill had just recently become a Christian and was attending a local church. His new found relationship in Jesus gave him what to do in a bad situation.”

Unholy Communion, Joe Jordan, CE4 Research Group

While Joe didn’t initially believe this case was significant – in fact he blew it off for about 6 months – but as he later continued to research this, he found that the experience was indeed repeatable. After years of working with MUFON as a State Section Director and getting nowhere as far as understanding the true nature of abductions, he came to believe himself that the alien abduction phenomena was actually spiritual in nature rather than genuine extraterrestrials, because it stops for many in Jesus’ name, just like a more familiar deliverance or exorcism does.

From here, he was able to begin building his “case files” of more and people whom he counseled, who gave permission to publish their written testimonies that they too had been able to stop their abduction experiences in the name and authority of Jesus Christ, and he put them online.

The kicker is that this story made the local paper, Florida Today in 1997, which was owned by Gannett, and then got picked up by 80 other Gannett newspapers across the country. So now you have people who weren’t even looking for UFO material reading about a Christian perspective in own their local paper. And boy did his phone start ringing, and from further researching, his case files grew tremendously.

Here is a screenshot of his website today.


(Below text and photo added since lecture date, not on the DVD of the lecture) 
This page details the written stories gathered over 15 years of research, of those who are willing to go on record and allow Joe to “out them” as alien abductees online. If you could see this page further down, there’s a total of 79 of them currently, and many of them are audio testimonies you can listen to from radio interviews and such. The truth is, in the secular or non-religious realm, any one researcher is going to have serious trouble getting that many people to allow that fact or that claim about themselves be made public. The difference is, these are all people who have come to agree, based on their personal experiences, that the phenomena is demonic, and that Jesus Christ has freed them from the experience – so there’s really no shame involved for them discussing the experience now. It’s not ongoing, they’re not crazy, and they are willing testimonials to the power of Jesus Christ. In fact, when Joe presents his entire lecture publically, it now often ends with him calling some of these people forward who are willing to travel or show up at the lecture, and be on a stage, as living evidence that skeptics can actually question afterwards. Here’s a photo from one such presentation.


That’s my story also – my first website from 1997 is just that, me testifying to this before I’d ever heard of or met Joe Jordan. Some of the people represented on his site are likewise those who contacted him with their story, and not necessarily people whom he’s personally counseled. They’re people who figured it out on their own as well.                     End revised text, intend to include next time I present this lecture

So over the years, this has presented one of the most convincing arguments to the Christian church that the alien phenomenon is demonic in nature. Joe’s story has since been repeated or quoted in 14 other books by Christian authors on this subject. Aside from all else I’ve presented you with today, this is likely the single most convincing piece of evidence that has influenced Christians for over a decade now. Those who tell you it’s demonic may not have done much research themselves, but they likely have seen this online, or heard this research quoted in one form or another.

In 1999, Joe and I “joined forces” so to speak, with Pastor Chris Ward, and connected all three of our sites together under a single .org. We all promoted the fallen angel view, and the idea that abductions could be stopped in Jesus name.

In 2002, we three were featured together in the cover story of Charisma Magazine…

…a nationally distributed Christian magazine boasting a circulation then of 750,000 readers per issue… that’s ¾ million. That was influential in the sense that even Christians and pastors who also weren’t looking for UFO information, suddenly had it thrust in their face by the very magazine they trust and subscribe to for news and views.

This last part is very quick…

II) Fruit of the Phenomena and What More Intensive Research Reveals

1) Religious Messages of Aliens
2) Abductions Can Be Terminated

3) Powers of Aliens and Angels

Powers of Aliens and Angels:

Daniel, Peter, Jesus & John – Visions and Physical Evidence

This last part was also a whole lecture in itself that my wife wrote. I’ll share some highlights here, but you can read the whole thing for free at

The lecture had a great detail to say about the obvious overlap between the abilities that angels have as described in the Bible – and there’s no reason to think that those same abilities wouldn’t be true of fallen angels as well – but

Here are some of the major passages I’ll leave you with if you want to do the comparison yourself. Daniel Chapter 10 verses 1-12

Daniel 10:1-12 
Daniel calls what he experienced a “great vision” (Daniel 10:8) caused by an angel. While having this “vision”: It was real to the bodily senses: Daniel was in his body, he saw with his eyes, he heard with his ears, he felt a hand touch his body, felt being on his hands and knees and later standing up,  he felt bodily trembling, The vision Daniel saw was overlaid on top of the reality everyone else could see, but others could not see it. (Daniel 10:7) What Daniel saw was unusual, and even impossible-seeming, such as a face with the “appearance of lightning”. Also the voice of the singular being he was seeing sounded like a multitude of voices. Daniel was awake, and not dreaming, nor in a trance.

Daniel’s vision of the angel was entirely real to all of his bodily senses. He saw, heard, felt a hand touching him, and it occurred in conjunction with all else that was going on around him – and he was wide awake, not in a trance. This is much like most UFO sightings.

Also, in the New Testament book of Acts, an angel literally comes and breaks Peter out of prison, an experience he thinks at first is just a vision.

“Peter followed him (an angel) out of the prison, but he had no idea that what the angel was doing was really happening; he thought he was seeing a vision” Acts 10:9 NIV


“In this case an angel is sent to free Peter from Herod’s prison. At first Peter thinks he is experiencing a vision, but soon realizes the events have truly taken place. Peter had visions before, and his confusion proves the point that (angelic) visions are real to the bodily senses – as real as objective reality – which is why Peter was not sure if what was happening was a vision or not.

“But the events did take place in objective reality!


The angel materialized in a physical way and caused lasting physical changes in objective reality. Other people, such as the guards, Herod, and Peter’s friends were all affected by these lasting physical changes to objective reality.”

Not only that, she continues, but the angel was able to defy physics in objective reality, or seem to have supernatural powers, by doing things such as *causing a light to shine* (think UFO), chains to fall off, likely opening what was a locked gate, and moving a very heavy door with apparently supernatural strength, as well as appearing and disappearing seemingly out of nowhere. Going through the book of Job and a few others, the conclusions easily drawn are

Observations on Physical Attacks

1.      Multiple witnesses of angels

2.      Multiple witnesses to lasting physical effects, including illnesses and sometimes death

3.      Supernatural occurrences, that seem to defy physics, in objective reality

4.      Objective reality generally follows normal physical laws, except for actions of angels

You also have Jesus’ famous Temptation in the wilderness where Satan – who is an angel – TAKES Jesus to a high mountain – emphasis on TAKES JESUS TO A HIGH MOUNTAIN – and shows him all the kingdoms of the earth, AND then you have the entire book of Revelation. All of which summarize as:

  1. Like other kinds of angelic encounters, the experience is physically real to all the bodily senses, and the person is in their body.
  2. The person is carried or taken “in the spirit”, implying they have been “carried” or “taken” in some fashion of a spiritual nature.
  3. The person is in a place of fantastically unrealistic scenery and/or a place in which out of the ordinary or impossible-seeming things occur…

In John’s case, he is writing on a real scroll during the entire experience, and the real scroll remains with him afterwards. So objects taken into the experience can be altered and retained afterwards. This also implies that objects obtained by a person during the experience could remain afterwards, and/or that objects brought into the experience could be lost.

  1. In John’s case he eats a scroll that is part of the encounter, and his stomach is upset by it, as such the experience can physically go inside the human body and have internal effects.
  2. Time perception manipulation of the person having the experience.


“Extraordinary claims
require extraordinary evidence”

—Carl Sagan

To summarize, the reported activities of UFOs and aliens, do indeed have exact parallels in the Bible of exactly what fallen angels are capable of. To the Fundamentalist Christian who really knows his or her Bible and what it says, when they examine the messages of aliens, they seem exactly like what the Bible says deceiving spirits would say, and we are in fact warned through an unfailing chain of prophecy to expect. Most people don’t have a problem making the jump either, that when an entity comes and walks through your walls with the express purpose of tormenting you, AND teaching you these doctrines as part of the lifelong process, but they leave in Jesus’ name if you’re a follower of His … that’s likely NOT a genuine biological entity.

Christians have a worldview that already accepts the reality of angels and demons, and exactly this type of phenomena. Remember when I said at the beginning that generally Christians don’t present non-believers sufficient evidence that the demonic view of the alien phenomenon has merit? With just the little that I’ve been able to share in the short time we’ve had today, I’ve tried to pin down some of the top reasons that Christian researchers arrive at that conclusion. And there’s nothing evidence-wise in the UFO and alien phenomenon offered by the secular UFO community that suggests it could, or should, be taken “outside the box” of Orthodox Christian theology about fallen angels and demons. As Carl Sagan said, “Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.”

And except to the most sympathetic listeners, no convincing evidence has yet been presented for the extraterrestrial hypothesis, only best guesses. I think we all agree that sufficient evidence has been presented over the last several decades to suggest that something is going on – something that indicates non-human intelligence and capabilities. Regardless of one’s worldview that much is indeed agreeable. To someone with the Fundamentalist Christian worldview, the evidences you’ve been presented with today is often considered fairly staggering, that the phenomena can best be described as fallen angels, without a lot of wiggle room or debate.

But, to those either with or without a Biblical worldview… say, those who don’t attend UFO conferences regularly, the evidences presented for the extraterrestrial hypothesis has been, to date, underwhelming.

It’s not that the world isn’t waiting for it, or that they’re not listening. Or even that Christians and non the world over aren’t inclined to accept it. It’s just that no sufficient evidence for the once “extraordinary claim” of extraterrestrials even existing in the first place, much less mastering light speed, wormholes, whatever, to arrive here safely  … THEN crash … there’s just not sufficient evidence yet to warrant the claim that the “something” that’s going on is in fact, extra-terrestrial in origin. Especially when another possibility is present.

As simple or objectionable as it may seem to some, the “Looks like a duck, walks like a duck, quacks like a duck.. Occam’s razor” line of reasoning seems to many to be the most sound. And with all that Christians have going for the argument that the entities claiming to be from other planets are really just lying spirits – who can’t offer any proof or evidence that they really are from those other planets – the Christian argues that the burden of proof is really shifted more to the side of those who claim that aliens are NOT fallen angels.

Evidences for a Spiritual View of the Phenomenon:
Why Christian Fundies Think Aliens Are Really Demons

1) Aliens Bring Religious Messages which Deny Christ
and the Bible, and are antichrist in Nature

2) Abductions Can Be Terminated through
The Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

3) Aliens and Angels Powers, Abilities, M.O. the same

I mentioned by the way that I did another whole lecture this summer concentrating on just the messages of extraterrestrials earlier – if you’d like a free copy of that on DVD, just drop by our table and I’ll be glad to give you one as our way of saying thank you for hanging with me this long and hearing me out. We also have on DVD the Zechariah Sitchin lecture I mentioned, as well as Joe Jordan’s whole testimony and lecture on stopping abductions.

Visit our site to get the entire text of my wife’s lecture on the powers and abilities of angels and aliens for free, and there you can check out the entire set of lectures from this summer in Roswell – several published authors and 4 of them PhD’s expanding on the view introduced to you here today.

Thank you very much.


An alternate version of this lecture – along with extensive graphics and the FULL VIDEO presented during the Roswell UFO Festival – is available for free viewing at

Piercing the Cosmic Veil

New Release: July 7, 2020
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Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions
Stop and Can be Terminated as a Life Pattern
in the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

Are Alien Demons?
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