Final Events – Demonic UFOs Book by Nick Redfern

Sept 2010 – New Release! Read preview pages of FINAL EVENTS and the Secret Government Group on Demonic UFOs and the Afterlife – just click the book cover on the Amazon link

Final Events, by Nick Redfern, discloses his interviews with Ray Boeche (an Anglican priest and paranormal researcher) who was allegedly made privy to a secret government project within the Department of Defense. The project began in the 1950’s as research into remote viewing and the military applications of psychic powers, and ended in the conclusion that such powers – including extensive contacts with entities claiming to be aliens from outer space – were in fact demonic in origin.

As Nick described to me when interviewing for this book, the group (Collins Elite) was afraid to publicize these findings as it could cause massive social upheaval and unrest – i.e., an official government study that concluded that demons are real, and are behind the UFO phenomena for the purposes of deceiving mankind. This would obviously equate to government proof ( i.e., an endorsement) that the Judeo-Christian and Biblical worldview(s) are correct, and perhaps lead to no little end-times hysteria, as well as mass conversions to Christianity.

However, certain elements within the group wanted the findings to reach the public, and this book describes Nick’s contacts and interviews with those claiming to be involved with the project, from the inside and higher levels. Nick disclaims that he may not personally believe this view 100%, and shares Ray Boeche’s healthy skepticism as to whether these stories could be a type of disinformation, and that Nick is merely telling the story as it was told to him over several years of research and interviews.

Nick and I (Guy Malone) have known each other personally from our various travels to UFO conferences, and he is aware of my published views and lectures. I have quoted his books in lectures before in fact, as a secular author who’s research sometimes supports the views of this site.

As research material for this book which supports the DoD groups “demonic” conclusions, Nick includes extensive interviews with myself (Ch 28 “The Man from Roswell”) , my wife Paradox Brown, our partner Joe Jordan (Ch 26 “They come in the emperor’s new clothes”) and Dr Michael S Heiser (Ch 27 “What Intelligent Evil Wants”).

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One Responseto “Final Events – Demonic UFOs Book by Nick Redfern”

  1. Steve James says:

    Good work Brother Malone. You dare go where many Christians dare not go, and I believe mostly from the lack of knowledge. The UFO topic has interested me for years, as I’d never held to an absolute conclusion of its origin, never the less I always believed it was real. At about 8 years old I saw a flying disk shaped object that didn’t fit any aircraft that I’d ever seen in my young age. For years I didn’t tell anyone other than family, until it became more socially acceptable to speak about such things. This is a topic that Christians should be aware of. I believe that Satan knows his time is short in these last and evil days, and he is throwing every kind of deception including the kitchen sink at us!

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