Free Alien Resistance Stickers!

f  r  e  e    s  t  i  c   k  e  r  s

… from the original V2 / Spread The Word resistance campaign


V2 has now sent  over 23 Million stickers around the world!
He/She/They (?) will be glad to mail them to you – FREE – upon request.

“V2/STW Alien Resistance Movement” is a separate,
but complimentary group from
We are glad to commend them to you, as an inspiration to us. Resistance is Fertile!

For Free  Stickers:

Please Go To the Official Website of the V2 / STW Alien Resistance Movement

They also have large stickers, T-shirts, buttons, patches, and pins available.

And you can now also like them on their
V2 / STW/Alien Resistance Movement Facebook Page!



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