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Grand Delusion Takes 2 Giant Steps Forward as Mexican Gov’t and White House Petition Articles Circulate

“…And for this cause God shall send them strong delusion, that they should believe a lie…” 2 Thess 2:11

Especially for those who might be first-time visitors to this site, or who just aren’t as “immersed” (thankfully) in the UFO topic,  I feel a burden to share the impact of two recent articles buzzing around amongst the more entrenched folks in the UFO community. The point of doing so is to demonstrate that people world-wide are “falling for” a strong delusion that dramatically impacts their worldview.

You might likely be very tempted to ask “Just who takes this UFO and alien stuff seriously, anyways?” If that’s you, then the below linked very recent articles may prove kind of shocking, and perhaps eye-opening at the same time.

calakmul The more recent article (which has been updated since this posting) alleges that the government of Mexico is at present STATING AS OUTRIGHT FACT that aliens visited their civilization in ages past, in co-operation with an upcoming documentary about the Mayan civilization and 2012. Hollywood-style hype aside, the article begins by saying that “A new documentary about Mayan civilization will provide evidence of extraterrestrial contact with the ancient culture, according to a Mexican government official and the film’s producer.”

The claim is made all the more believable because this “Mexican government official” also references documents “…which the government has kept secure in underground vaults for some time” and (in an earlier article, linked within the text of this one) that   “The Mexican government is releasing state-held secrets…”

Ooo-oo-hh! Well who doesn’t love that? I’m not saying that it isn’t true that Mexico is releasing something of note to this film-maker, BUT if you caught my earlier personal Facebook post last week… Well, yes, I was being a bit snarky when I said that the country of Mexico – being so close to the City of Roswell New Mexico (where I lived for 11 years) – must have learned a thing or two from Roswell about attracting tourism via promoting the alien phenomena. But snarky or not, I think most people reading these articles read only that a “Mexican government official” is making these statements, yet they  LOOK STRAIGHT PAST the fact that the official in question is in fact – and I’m quoting the article directly here – “the minister of tourism for the Mexican state of Campeche.”

No doubt, if you read Page 2 of this article, and the one linked within it, you will discover that both the former and current Presidents of Mexico (Vicente Fox and Felipe Calderon) AND the President of Guatemala, Alvaro Colom Caballero, have apparently green-lighted the claims of the documentary. Their names add weight no doubt, but I also must stress that any critical reading of these articles will reveal that TOURISM ministers and TOURISM dollars (the love of money) seem to be the strongest motivators behind any official government sanctioning of the claims of this documentary, and the skewed interpretations relating to official government “Disclosure” of “alien” contact.

The articles currently have a lot of steam in the UFO/Alien-searching corners of the Internet tho. I wouldn’t trust the end-product of this documentary to NOT be simply pandering to popular appeal in an effort to rake in cash based on current popular trends, OR to be any more factual than a Stephen Spielberg movie. The documents and archeologists quoted in the film will likely be convincing in that something hard-to-explain today was going on in the ancient past, but guess what? We already knew that. I humbly “predict” however that no true evidence will be offered that the phenomena was extra terrestrial in origin, but will offer speculations of such, presented as fact. But my beliefs are not the issue here. The fact that these articles and claims are spreading across the Internet like wildfire and impacting less-read and less-jaundiced minds – feeding an alien-enamored worldview – is the issue.

Just as the History Channel’s 2011 “Ancient Aliens” series is being absorbed by millions as factual, the claims of this article – and the upcoming 2012 documentary – ARE being absorbed and believed by people world-wide, as part of a seemingly never-ending barrage of convincing people that alien visitations should be accepted as real occurrences, while other explanations for the phenomena (such as this and other sites offer) are generally dismissed by popular media, Hollywood types, and “itching ears” world-wide alike.

Moving state-side, and since I mentioned the term “Disclosure” … Did you know that our very own United States’ White House website recently became home to a popular alien-themed petition?

In the words of Alejandro Rojas’ September 2011 article “Will the White House Come Clean on Extra-Terrestrial Visitation?” the petition requests the President of the United states to “formally acknowledge an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.” (As if there provably IS such a thing; see my (Guy Malone’s) comments posted below the linked article.)   But as this article tells us, according to The White House’s rules posted (Oops! “Formerly posted”) on the website, they WILL officially respond to any petition reaching 5,000 signatures in the allotted time. Well guess what? This particular petition reached over 10,000 signatures, in considerably less than the time required.

Are you finding that difficult to believe? 10,000 people demanding the U.S. government to disclose to us what they know about UFOs and extra terrestrials?!?

Apparently, so did The White House. Before the time came to “make good” on the promise of an official response to this petition (and perhaps others, I’m guessing) I just checked while typing this, and the thresh-hold has somehow just recently jumped to 25,000 signatures.   (My personal condolences to petition organizer Stephen Bassett, who did all the work necessary to obtain the originally required number of signatures, btw. I would have signed it myself and encouraged others to do the same, with just a little different wording – again, see my comments below Alejandro’s article.)

So back to the original question of just who takes this UFO/Alien stuff seriously.. it should awaken you a bit to know that – even in this age of government and internet security paranoia  – over 10,000 people took the time to REGISTER, create an account with, and sign their name and address to this petition!

I don’t know if you ever really followed the X-Files TV show or not, but you have to admit, the type of person who would likely sign this petition may not exactly “fit the profile” of someone whom you’d think would register their name and address with for ANY reason. My point being, that perhaps 100,000 (call them “paranoid conspiracy types” if you must) or more may have signed it, if registration weren’t such an issue.

But 10,000 or 100,000, I write this mainly to let you know that the numbers of people who’s worldview, who’s media buying choices, and even who’s political actions suggest an ardent belief that alleged aliens have, are (and WILL – search our site) play/ed a role in humanity’s development is simply more staggering than you will probably ever realize – especially if you are a first-time visitor to this site.

If it’s true in fact, and if it’s true that world governments have been aware of and have likewise been long-complicit in covering up the very evidence of such (and these two very recent articles alone scratch the surface of suggesting just that to the casual reader) then it’s possibly the second most important announcement in the history of mankind. (The first most important announcement being the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, thanks for asking.)

However, if it’s not true, then clearly the mere existence of these articles (much less their popularity) are perhaps your waking introduction to what is obviously perhaps the greatest deception in the history of mankind.

Ancient ruins and modern reports are indeed mysteries that seemingly defy *human* explanation. As our site insists, these things do not defy *rational* explanation however, and much less, they do not defy a  Biblical explanation.

For those NOT new to this site or these views, I’d like to leave you with a simple closing thought, and perhaps a challenge:   If you agree with our views and want to see people set free from the deceptions inherent in the above posted articles, please do not neglect to share our information with others. The best equipping tool we currently offer is perhaps our Online Videos Page, packed with cumulative decades of research dedicated to freely offering powerful teachings which will most likely answer 90-100% of your questions about the alien phenomena.

From these two new articles above alone tho, you should be reminded that these beliefs are more entrenched into modern people’s worldviews and belief systems than you might have previously believed, and are clearly becoming more and more part of the unsaved “everyman’s” belief systems of today. Your efforts to help counter these strongholds become more and more relevant with each passing day.

These above-mentioned articles barely scratch the surface in fact, but our site as a whole is offered as an aid to help you get to the bottom of the mystery, and to not be deceived by what we believe 2 Thessalonians predicts will be the greatest and most powerful delusion this world has ever known.

Your participation in publicizing these views is deeply appreciated.

Yours because His,

Guy Malone

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