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l-r – Ann Druffel, Joe Jordan, Leah Haley, Lisa Davis
at the Washington DC X-Conference
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Leah Haley  Ancient of Days 2004 Speaker Bio and Topic
NOTE: Eve Lorgen has cancelled due to health reasons. Leah Haley (in Roswell for a lecture at the UFO Museum) will instead be speaking on the topic MILABS : Military Abductions and Mind Control. Aside from her extensive research into this topic, Leah will be able to share from the point of view which most researchers cannot – the view of an actual experiencer.

Leah Haley

The most credible of all “abductees,” Leah has been featured in Omni Magazine, The Joan Rivers Show, Encounters, and has delivered speeches from coast-to-coast.

She is the author of
Lost Was The Key
“A true, first-person account of Leah Haley’s memories of abductions by what appear to be both alien beings and military and government personnel. A CPA with two master’s degrees, wife and mother, shares the emotional trauma she experienced when her balanced, safe, “normal” middle-class Southern Baptist world was shattered by abduction memories. When Leah sought professional help, she discovered that her memories were not manifestations of mental illness (and therefore she could not be “cured”).

“When she began to investigate, agencies of the U.S. government and/or military became so vitally interested in her contact with other intelligences that they were willing to risk charges of burglary, kidnapping, and toture to learn what she knew and to silence her.”

and  Unlocking Alien Closets, in which she shares

“…her struggle to cope with her unusual experiences and relates her attempts to understand how aliens, UFOs, mind control and government cover-ups are related to God, spirituality and the Bible.”

Leah’s topic for Ancient of Days 2004
“MILABS : Military Abductions & Mind Control”

Lost Was The Key

Unlocking Alien Closets

Note that not all speakers agree with one another’s viewpoints and/or worldviews, or with that of the organizers and sponsors of this conference. Our goal is firstly to provide the best information available regarding the reality and documentation of the UFO & abduction phenomena from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, then have our speakers question and challenge one another in regards to it’s origin(s) and possible meaning(s).  The panel discussions alone should be quite interesting!

Piercing the Cosmic Veil

New Release: July 7, 2020
By Joseph Jordan and
Jason Dezember

Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions
Stop and Can be Terminated as a Life Pattern
in the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

Are Alien Demons?
Filmed on location in Roswell, NM

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