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The most convincing evidence to-date that “NASA knows,” and for many
this will become the first time that you will “know” too.
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Terra Entertainment sent a screener copy of this video to HQ, and am I glad they did! This 2-Video set depicts the “best of” OVER 400 HOURS of NASA video, broadcast live on cable television during Space Shuttle missions in the 1990’s.

While NASA officials “debunk” the objects seen on these recordings as meteors, ice or “space debris,” lecturer David Sereda plainly points out these “meteors” never burn out, appear hundreds of miles above the atmosphere (where meteors or other debris certainly cannot burn), and routinely escape Earth’s gravity!

A working knowledge of advanced scientific principals becomes required to keep up, to understand why the craft are not visible to the naked eye, and especially the physics behind the technology which brings these craft to lighter-than-matter weight and incredible speeds.  I found Sereda both credible and very likeable as he shares this cutting edge knowledge in a teaching manner, making it easy for the non-scientist layman to follow. He also shares his e-mail debates with key NASA personnel, while scientifically investigating these videos and requesting further info under the Freedom of Information Act. Viewers are treated to extensive and incredibly convincing video clips from numerous Space Shuttle missions clearly depicting intelligently powered craft. These craft could only be seen because NASA “somehow” already knew to begin filming in ultra-violet spectrums, in which the high-frequency craft can only be seen. I once saw a Whitley Strieber lecture in which he showed about one minute of one of these clips when they first became available to the public – to the AMAZEMENT of the audience. These videos show it all!

The only real drawback for me was the assumed benevolence of the occupants of the craft. In only the last 15-20 minutes of this otherwise superb 3+ hour presentation, Sereda (correctly) ties the beings to Ancient Egypt, but seems blissfully unaware of the hostility inherent in their past and present interactions with mankind. Also, probably for “star-power” and marketability, the video is introduced by Dan Akroyd, who also heralds the visitors as “interested in our own well-being and survival in an almost profound, positive and life affirming way… a race of beings who are very interested in our progress on Earth…” These remarks are reminiscent of Dr Steven Greer’s unnecessary but highly evident New Age slant to the Disclosure Project. I highly recommend this video for it’s scientific value and clear-cut evidence of the U.S. government’s knowledge of the reality of UFOs (apart from the truth of same), but not without also giving the reader/viewer access to the below links and points of view, that David Sereda and Terra Entertainment are perhaps not aware of.

Modern UFO Cults
New Age Aspects of The Disclosure Project & Destruction Caused by UFOs

The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels
The Bible, Physics, and the Abilities of Fallen Angels

by Paradox Brown

Read Online Here For a detailed Biblical and scientific explanation
of the UFO phenomenon as seen in the Evidence: Case for NASA UFOs Video, and other video/photo recordings of UFOs and paranormal activity

“Ufologist David Sereda …
appeared in an
unprecedented showdown
with former NASA Houston
Control Operator, James Oberg
on Art Bell. Never before
had NASA participated in such
a large public debate on UFOs…
(The Shuttle Missions’ video
footage) clearly depicted
2-3 mile long disc shaped
objects which could disprove
any theories of dust particles…
Suddenly, the broadcast satellite
was obscured and 18 minutes of
the show was cut off…”
from the video jacket
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