Resistance is Fertile!

Alien Resistance HQ

Most of these were taken over the past 4 weeks, before opening,
and show various stages of contruction.

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Get some coffee.

While they load…

From the vision statement
“ARHQ provides the only location in Roswell offering
a Biblical perspective on the subject of UFOs and Abductions.
You may freely read and enjoy this material here without purchase
in a relaxing, and hopefully hospitable environment.”

And here’s a flyer that’s in the Visitor Center, Chamber of Commerce, etc…

Books   Coffee/Capp/Espresso   Sodas

The First Location in Roswell Serving
Brewed STARBUCKS ® Coffee

nogreys.gif (4274 bytes)

Internet Access & Training
“Your House Your Mouse” Tutorials Available
116 East 2nd Street
2nd & Main, just behind Cowtown Boots
11am-??pm (Midnight possible!)

Closed Tuesdays, hours may depend on volunteers
ARHQ is non-profit – volunteers/donations welcome

Free Stickers of our logo just for stopping in!
(505) 627-2001

This is what faces Main Street, about 250 feet from the intersection of 2nd & Main,
and throwing distance from The UFO Museum (which just had it’s 750,000th visitor).

This is the “professional” sign I could afford (2′ x 4′; $200). One big enough to cover the
old lettering (4′ x 24′) is quoted at $1200… hoping to find someone to just paint one for me!

Oops, no good pics of the front of the building yet.
This is when you first walk in (taken at night, low lighting and bad contrast).

Perusing the bookshelves…

Someone has commited to painting this shelf black for me, with stars and planets and such…
The pink sheet is a “tract” written around the UFO interest, titled
“What’s This Place All About?”
It centers on “Every Knee Shall Bow…” (things in heaven, on earth, under the earth…)
and is given out with the free stickers.

Onto the fun stuff – Different vantage points…

^  Beverage Menu
(Right Click, Choose Open in New Window to not lose this page)

That’s my “MC” sword on the wall, not a wooden cross. The sign drying there is 3 feet tall, and will point down the block to here (if I can talk anyone into letting me put it up!).
The 5-foot one now over the awning is like it, but looks better.

“Not Of This World” seems much more inviting than “Resistance,” so that’s what I’m unofficially naming the bookstore / coffeeshop. Alien Resistance HQ is the real name, and gets the location placed first in alphabetical directories!

All the signs on the wall were just here from the previous tenant’s sign shop.
It gives it a neat character for now, but ultimately want to showcase
local artwork, photography, etc – patron that I am…

Before opening, some of the local church folk came out to pray over the building…

Powerful intercessors and worship leaders, Boyd and Kathy Barrett
(that desk has been moved).

Extremely generous supporters, Russell and Margaret Whited.
So far they’ve donated 3 couches, a swamp cooler, a fax machine, and a printer.
Their 17-year-old son just donated and hooked up a speaker system
that will shatter glass – soundboard to come.
Resistance is Rockin!

He’s just glad to be alive…

“Bless This Mess!”

Judah, Gonzo & Cheetah

That’s All Folks!

Thanks for hanging with me this long…
A few more of the newly painted front, and pictures with real people inside should follow later.

Symboltiny.gif (1316 bytes)

I greatly appreciate the ongoing prayer support of those called to such,
and especially during this coming time period.

Piercing the Cosmic Veil

New Release: July 7, 2020
By Joseph Jordan and
Jason Dezember

Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions
Stop and Can be Terminated as a Life Pattern
in the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

Are Alien Demons?
Filmed on location in Roswell, NM

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