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Questions About Alien Abductions

Answers to four common questions on Alien Abduction, submitted by a journalism student. 

Hi ——–
Thanks for the inquiry and I’ll be glad to help as best I can. See my replies below…

Date: Mon, Jan 21, 2013 at 8:01 AM
Subject: [Alien Resistance] Greetings from London, England

Dear Mr Malone,

Hi there, my name is ———- and I’m from the London Metropolitan University in England.  I’m writing a journalistic article about alien abduction and I wondered whether you would be so kind as to take the time to answer some questions for me as I need someone with your extensive knowledge to answer them.  I understand you may be very busy but would like to make a request for some original quotes for my article…

Do you believe governments are aware of alien visits, and if so what would you believe the reason for not alerting the public?


While I don’t used the term “alien” as loosely as many (due to insufficient evidence of the claim), I do absolutely believe that many world governments are aware of, and have more than overwhelming evidence of, what I politely would term “non-human entities interacting with the human race.” Instead of the more popularized “Extraterrestrial Hypothesis” to explain the phenomena, our research aligns more closely with the “Inter-dimensional Hypothesis” as originally popularized by the scientists the U.S. government originally funded to investigate UFO sightings and so-called “alien abductions.”
225px-Allen_Hynek_Jacques_Vallee_1The books of Jacques Vallee and J. Allen Hyneck (who presented their findings and cautions to United Nations) from the 1960’s and 1970’s concluded that the UFO and “alien” phenomena were not in fact authentic extraterrestrial biological entities travelling to earth in metallic craft from other planets and star systems; rather the phenomena were best classified as psychic, occultic, and spiritual experiences and visions/hallucinations being perpetrated by non-physical beings for the purposes of deception, and for conditioning the human race to believe we were being visited by aliens from other worlds. (Note that neither of these scientists are/were professing Christians. See Vallee’s book Messengers of Deception  for text of U.N. lecture.)

Our research affirms this, with the caveat that the non-physical beings are best described as fallen angels as described by the Bible, their purposes including torment of individuals, and the altering of our belief systems world-wide to accept a “Strong Delusion” (1 Thess 2:11) culminating in acceptance of an anti-Christ one-world ruler.

The reasons world governments (whatever their findings or beliefs are about the nature of the visitors) have for not alerting the public are simple and succinct : They have no ability to keep their own air-spaces secure from such powerful entities, nor to protect their individual citizens from the late-night attacks, unwanted harassment and perceived abductions – both of which citizens would demand if the phenomena were identified as genuinely occurring. It is better to deny the phenomena than to publicly admit that it is real, but we can’t protect our people nor borders from same. At least one book (FINAL EVENTS by Nick Redfern – a U.K. investigator now living in the U.S) uncovered much documentation of a U.S. Defense Dept program that researched the phenomena and concluded that it was “demonic” in origin, and purposely did not publicize their findings, so as not to subject Americans to belief that any one religion could be true and to not incite panic.
Are these visits from one alien race, or are there a variety of visitors from across the universe?
The claims of the entities as reported by contactees and abductees favor the “variety” answer. The earliest contactees of the 1950’s and 60’a era (such as George Van Tassel) were told by the entities that were contacting him that they were from Venus, and they looked rather human in appearance. However, since then we’ve been able to send scientific probes to Venus, and the conditions on that planet do not seem capable of supporting humanoid life. Over the decades the entities have “pushed back” their alleged points of origin to include star systems such as Orion, Andromeda, and the Pleiades systems – once again, to places we cannot at this time easily observe to verify or challenge the claims of the entities. This fact should make their claims extremely suspect at minimum. 
(See here for more on this )
David Chase, A Visual Guide to Alien Beings
The types of races reported by contactees and abductees varies widely, including some very humanoid or angelic looking beings (often called “The Nordics”), many grey or white spindly types (the common “abductors) of both short and very tall stature, and lizard-like “Reptillians” whom many report to actually come from inside the earth, not from space. It should be noted that many abductees report that these beings actually can change form right in front of them, appearing as dead relatives, celebrities, or even Jesus.
This leads me to believe that they are not seen in their true forms, and tailor the experiences to whatever the person is most likely to believe – not unlike the “fairy” people of 500 years ago who were brandishing magic wands and supposedly taking people to caves and performing sexual acts with them, leaving their victims with wild tales and folklore to take back to their villages. The overlap of certain commonalities to the experiences of 500 years ago cannot be ignored, again arguing for a terrestrial but deceptive and non-physical origin. In many cases, people report seeing different types of beings with some being “evil” or malevolent, while others act “good,” promising to help the victims from the bad ones in exchange for their allegiance. We have concluded that they are all actually on the same side, playing a classic game of “Good Cop / Bad Cop.”
What similarities do people’s abduction experiences share?
The common thread is torment, a feeling of being abused physically and mentally at the hands of powerful entities from which one cannot escape. Most people report a type of paralysis, along with surgical and/or sexual acts they do not wish to consent to, as well as forced to undergo certain types of brainwashing and spiritual indoctrination. However, these modern “abduction” experiences are not unique to our times, nor to the so-called “alien” experience. Medieval reports of almost the exact same type commonly went under the name of “Old Hag” or Incubus/Succubus attacks, and modern science labels the activity as “Sleep Paralysis.” These episodes also included reports of an evil entity pressing on someone’s chest while they were unable to move, and were sexually tormenting in nature.


Some additionally report voyages to fantastic locations – some into outer space and other planets, others to underground laboratories or undersea locations. It is important to note that just like the visitors’ places of origin, these locations can never be independently verified  or proven to exist afterwards, making us believe and teach that while real in the sense that the experience did in fact happen to the individual, the experience was visionary in nature and did not actually involve being physically transported to any other location.
Is an abduction a terrifying experience?
It can be, and for most it is. However, our research and hands-on experience bears out that the phenomena is spiritual in it’s origins, and can also be stopped – both claims that go against popular belief. However, our website contains personal stories submitted to us of over 100 people who have stopped (permanently in most cases) the attacks of “alien abduction” and sleep paralysis by calling on the name and authority of Jesus Christ during the experience.
We have many first-hand testimonies from those who have been able to overcome the terror and unwelcome visits through prayer, and the spiritual authority Jesus Christ empowers believers with over such tormenting spirits. We have a combined 30 years of research and work in this field that bears out that the “alien abduction experience” is in fact a deception being perpetrated by evil spiritual entities. We offer experiencers of such torment a hope that cannot be found anywhere else, and invite people to contact us if help is needed overcoming such attacks.
Thank you,
Guy Malone

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