Dr. Michael S. Heiser, Author of the Facade – Coffee With Alien Resistance


Guy and Paradox interview Dr. Michael S. Heiser, M.A. and Ph.D. in Hebrew Bible and Semitic Languages, scholar in the fields of biblical studies and the ancient Near East, Academic Editor of Logos Bible Software, and author of The Facade. We talk about the new release of The Facade: Special Edition, and his upcoming new book, The Portent.  We listen of the multifaceted complexities of creativity required to harness broad-ranging important reality insights into the schemas of constructing his next brainchild, with some stimulating thoughts for aspiring writers. We announce a contest to win an autographed copy of The Portent when it is released, so listen to learn how you can be entered in the drawing. We also discussed Dr. Heiser’s views on biblical eschatology, fulfillment of bible prophecy, and on the problems of the church in relation to eschatological understanding and prophetic fulfillment.

John Crichton and 1812 make a fitting cameo for our dradest interview to date.

*Spoiler Alert for The Facade*



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