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Beware the Nephilim Hunters

Note: We do not endorse the errant view represented by the images below. It is hate speech, and an open call for violence against people who are perceived to be different. We are calling it out and actively fighting against this view.

nephdestroy3You thought we were crazy, huh?

That we were making a big deal out of nothing?

We have been on the record for over two years now of saying we do not believe that modern Nephilim exist, and a large part of WHY we have pro-actively taken such a firm stance is because we saw this coming.

For the record and before they kick me out of their group, my first reaction to this site, from earlier today. Click to enlarge and read, if interested.

This new “group” has appeared on Facebook calling itself “NEPHILIM – How to Kill them or make them Submit.”

They are soliciting ways of learning from one another how to “destroy or dominate” people (I’ll say) that they believe are in actuality non-humans walking amongst us today.

For those not in the know, one of the more disturbing aspects of this field of ministry to abductees involves usually well-meaning Christians, who believe that the angelic-human hybridization referenced in Genesis 6:1-4 – which produced the “giants” (KJV) of old, also known as the “Nephilim” (NIV) – continues still today. In short, some within the secular research field of “alien abduction” believe that aliens are mating with humans and producing hybrid offspring, but some Christians have of late promulgated the belief that it’s not aliens – but fallen angels (we’re with them to this point, until they say) that are currently mating with humans to produce hybrid offspring.

If that sounds odd as all get out to you, I don’t blame you for thinking so, but you’re late to the dance actually.

The recent point of contention however, is whether or not these presumed hybrids are “damned souls” or can they be saved by faith in Jesus Christ? We say “Yes they can” and while forced to sojourn into some pretty fringe theological areas to offer this hope to individuals under the *belief* that they are themselves hybrids, we nonetheless built a website (see attempting to address the many theological concerns and misconceptions about these topics, while still promoting “preach the gospel to every creature…”

Of course most of the Christians who DO believe modern Nephilim exist today “un-friended us” – (literally, not in the Facebook sense) – and have generally turned on us, making all kinds of false accusations about us in the process. One well-known minister even e-mailed Paradox saying simply “The Lord rebuke you” as his response to the website. Well, our general line of reasoning was “It’s worth the hate from the “brethren” if even one person out there comes to saving faith in Jesus Christ as a result of our new stance, who otherwise would find only websites or teachings claiming that they can’t be saved because of their “bloodline.”

Apparently (and as we also saw coming) now it’s not only someone’s eternal life that is in danger as a result of these “modern Nephilim” teachings – it’s becoming an issue of their mortal lives being endangered as well.

nephdestroy2The group’s moderator actively calls for its members to share means of destroying those whom any wingnut in the group believes to be a “Nephilim,” a “giant,” a “hybrid,” a “human-sized one” or a “tare.” This open call for and justification of violence and murder is (imho) a complete disgrace to any human being, much less a group that wants to portray itself as Christians acting upon the Bible as their reasoning behind their proposed atrocities. I hate to say we told you so, but we told you so.

Our stance on this has been firming up and becoming less and less of a “pulled punch” like it used to be, simply because of the stakes that have become more and more apparent to us, as we’ve heard from more and more people who are being discriminated against – even denied Christian fellowship – as a result of these teachings.

In a February 2010 magazine interview conducted by one well-known minister, I (Guy Malone) stated that I did not believe there was a “breeding program” (as the interviewer put it) currently underway, but that fallen angels were creating a “belief system” that such was the case. I also appealed that a lot of bad fruit was coming as a result of this belief system’s popularity. In our 2010 “War of the Worlds” conference and panel discussion Joe Jordan and I responded rather firmly that we thought this hybridization program was a deception, was becoming quite dangerous, and we therefore are taking a very public stance against the false teaching. (Watch the video for free at the link. That’s when the unfriending really began, btw.)

Shortly afterwards, I made another attempt to voice some very specific ways I though that this belief system was dangerous in another article on abductions saying rather specifically this time :

” We also wish to publicly rebut, rebuke, and state that we abhor any stance or teaching that affirms or encourages violence and/or discrimination toward those who are perceived to be, or perceive themselves to be, human-looking hybrids …

“We are in strict opposition to certain teachings that human-looking hybrids cannot be saved, and we are aware that – sadly – eventually certain “fringe” element “loose cannon religious nut” types could at some point commit or condone violence towards those whom they perceive to be hybrids – based on the bad fruit of these teachings.

“We affirm that violence of any kind goes against the teachings of Jesus Christ, and openly condemn any act of violence or discrimination based upon belief in modern human-looking hybrids.

You thought we were crazy, huh? Well BOOM here it is. A so-called Christian group calling for the extermination or dominance of those whom they have the gaul to label hybrids.


We are crazy actually. Our crazy-love for those oppressed and attacked in their own homes by fallen angels claiming to be from other planets remains.

If you believe you’re being abducted by aliens routinely, search this website for the testimonies of over 100 people who have found that the experience can be stopped by the name and authority of Jesus Christ. If you believe that you are a “hybrid” of any type, we also affirm that you can have eternal life and be saved because of Jesus Christ’s atoning death on your behalf, and His resurrection from the dead. Jesus has fought and won the battle for you already.

We’re just crazy enough to fight the false teachings trying to keep you from knowing Him.

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