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The Nanny, The Red Rocker and Mainstreaming the Lie


And so another one of us comes out of the closet.

Did you know that TV’s “The Nanny” is an alien abductee?

So she says, or as this HuffingtonPost Celebrity article headline reads “Fran Drescher Believes She Was Abducted By Aliens.”

If you’re laughing, you don’t belong on this site by the way. Then again, maybe you need to be here more than others.

People claiming accounts of “alien abduction” is by no means a new phenomena. Perhaps the most credible study of such was 1995’s Alien Discussions: Proceedings of the Abduction Study Conference Held at M.I.T. Cambridge, Ma. where Harvard professor of Psychology and Pullitzer-Prize winning author  Dr. John Mack, PhD co-chaired a conference on the topic at Massachusetts Institute of Technology, with over 800 in attendance and 118 professional papers authored by scientists and researchers which were shared publicly.

In the case of  Drescher, against the rather high odds of public ridicule, she recently claims that she and her (now ex-) husband have identical scars “where the chip is” although she says the “aliens programmed” them to think there was another cause of the scarring, and that they were likewise “programmed” to meet one another.

I applaud both Drescher (and below, “Red Rocker” Sammy Hagar of Van Halen’s second incarnation) for having the courage to speak of their personal traumas openly, despite the ridicule they have no doubt experienced as a result of doing so. I’m no stranger to this myself.

“Wait, did you say Sammy Hagar is ALSO an alien abductee?”

Yes, he too told (portions of) his stories of alien encounters in his March 2011 autobiography “Red”. This news was well-circulated then, and here I offer an excerpt from a lesser-known interview where he goes into more detail than his co-author advised him should go into the book. Eric Spitznagel’s telephone interview with Sammy Hagar (Warning: Full interview contains explicit material)

“ES: Okay, let’s just cut to the chase. I’m just going to come out and ask it. Have you ever been abducted by aliens?

SH: I think I have.

ES: What? Really? I was kidding. You seriously believe that?

SH: [Laughs.] Now you’re making me sound like a crazy person.

ES: How is that crazy? I wasn’t there, I don’t know what happened to you.

SH: Remember the story in the book, where I have a dream about being contacted by aliens in the foothills above Fontana?

ES: Yeah, yeah, I’ve got the page right here. “I saw a ship and two creatures inside of this ship… And they were connected to me, tapped into my mind through some kind of mysterious wireless connection.” You’re telling me that wasn’t a dream?

SH: That’s right. It was real. [Aliens] were plugged into me. It was a download situation. This was long before computers or any kind of wireless. There weren’t even wireless telephones. Looking back now, it was like, “—-, they downloaded something into me!” Or they uploaded something from my brain, like an experiment. “See what this guy knows.”

ES: And this actually happened?

SH: That happened. That friggin’ happened, I’ll tell you right now. Another thing happened when I was about four that I didn’t put into the book. One time I saw what I considered to be, well, at the time I thought it was a car with no wheels. We lived out in the country and I saw this thing floating across a field, creating this big dust storm. I threw rocks at it and —-. And I don’t know what happened after that.

ES: You blacked out?

SH: I guess. I just have no memory of it. And that wasn’t a dream. It was during daylight.

ES: I can understand your apprehension. Alien abduction is a tough sell.

SH: Especially back a few decades ago, when this stuff happened to me. I couldn’t talk about it because I didn’t know how to explain it. I didn’t understand the technology. But now I’m pretty sure it was a wireless situation. Either a download or upload. They were tapped into my brain and the knowledge was transferred back and forth. I could see them and everything while it was happening. There was a visual involved, almost like … I don’t know. [Laughs.] Don’t get me going!” -end interview quotes-

Hagar underwent what so many struggling with a belief that they’ve been abducted deal with – “I couldn’t talk about it..” he says. What’s obvious from this interview, is that he’s also had to deal with the stigma of being thought of as crazy if and whenever he’s shared his story.

We believe him, and only wish that we had been a resource for him long ago, before his life took the arguably unwise turns it did.

While Spitznigel (above) may call “alien abduction a tough sell” apparently it’s not so much as hard a sell for one to get people to believe them when they share such a story today as some might think…   Just consider what was published in The Washington Post in regards to this exact same Hagar revelation, by columnist Jen Cheney:

“Personally, I don’t find the alien part of it so nutty. I grew up on “Close Encounters of the Third Kind” and “E.T.” — I was raised to think that extraterrestrials would show up on this planet eventually.”

THERE ya have it.. a Washington Post reporter stating EXACTLY what we’ve been stating for over a decade .. that society is being *primed* to believe and accept that aliens are real, and will make a dramatic public debut in the near future.  The personal stories and testimonies of many of those affiliated with this site aside, we know that many have called us crazy simply for stating that (!) alone, but now you can also see it in black and white from someone not “prophecying” a religious message connected with the topic.

This (perhaps new-to-you) public belief has been developing for quite some time actually. As early as 1998 (perhaps earlier) the authors at detailed their belief of how society’s views are intentionally being changed by “New World Order” types to condition all of humanity to believe formerly preposterous ideas – including, but not limited to – the presence of UFOs and aliens among us. The pattern is the same no matter the topic, they claim, according to their long-time published Six-Step Attitudinal Change Plan :

“Step 1. Some practice so offensive that it can scarcely be discussed in public is advocated by a RESPECTED expert in a RESPECTED forum.

Step 2. At first, the public is shocked, then outraged.

Step 3. But, the VERY FACT that such a thing could be publicly debated becomes the SUBJECT of the debate.

Step 4. In the process, sheer repetition of the shocking subject under discussion gradually dulling its effect.

Step 5. People then are no longer shocked by the subject.

Step 6. No longer outraged, people begin to argue for positions to moderate the extreme; or, they accept the premise, challenging, instead, the means to ACHIEVE it. This insidious method of changing the deeply-held attitudes of people is being successfully directed toward the American population as a whole. Millions of people are experiencing attitudinal changes on a wide variety of subjects today. This attitudinal change is essential to achieving the New World Order.”

See, it’s not just us! Admittedly, neither Fran Drescher nor Sammy Hagar are “respected experts in respected forums” on the topic of alien abduction at least. But as mentioned, that work has already been done, in part by the previously mentioned Alien Abduction Conference at M.I.T.

The celebrities mentioned in this article are most likely the by-product of the conference’s gradual influence on society as a whole. In short, the once ridiculed topic of alien abduction and “abducteees” has obviously become more and more mainstream over time, and easier and easier to accept.

With more and more “celebrity endorsements” in fact, it may well now become almost “cool” or “trendy” to admit publicly that one is an alien abductee. Not unlike what we see in culture today as a result of the writings of Anne Rice and the more recent wildly popular “Twilight Saga” books and movies, young people today find themselves more and more prone to believe that vampires are real, romantic figures, and open to seeking visitations from them.

Not to mention aliens.

Who can forget the scene from the movie “Independence Day” where the girl on the roof holds the sign “Take Me!” up to the alien craft, just before the blue light starts shining .. for my mind, this is perhaps THE single most prophetic image in all of film-making related to this topic.. someone being conditioned enough by today’s views on aliens to run towards and embrace the very thing that means them only destruction.

For our purposes, it’s spiritual destruction of course. I don’t think that any of the authors or celebrities mentioned here are willingly participating in the de-sensitization of society to embrace so-called “alien” messages, spiritual paths, or the destruction it leads to for so many.

But the celebrity promotion of alien encounters is just one more “sign of the times” that our readers should be aware of. As the decades-old stigma weakens in power, you should know that the deception gains in power.

Fore-warned is fore-armed.

Abductee, contactee, celebrity or curious web-surfer, we’re doing our best to counter the tide of society’s conditioning. And we know we’re losing. What is going to come is already prophecied, and “the end-times delusion” we speak of so often will prevail, at least to the masses.

As long as God sees fit however, we are here for “the one” not the ninety-nine. Contact us if you are experiencing alien abduction and would like to see the experience halted, and please continue to pray for us that our message, websites, books and DVDs make it to those most seriously impacted by these experiences and deceptions.

Sammy and Fran, feel free to request more information be sent to you as well, if you’re open to evaluating a decidely alternative explanation for what has happened to you.

We believe you, by the way.

Guy Malone

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