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Pastor Chris Ward, D. Min – Ancient of Days 2004 Speaker Bio and Topic

Christopher B. Ward has a Bachelor of Economics from San Diego State University, a Fifth Year, Teacher Education Certificate, from the University of California at Riverside, CA, a Masters of Science in Educational Technology at Walden University, Minneapolis, MN, a Masters of Christian Education, and a Doctorate of Ministry in Christian Education from Golden State School of Theology. He graduated Summa Cum Laude in all of his post-graduate programs. In addition, he has attended Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) on a grant from the National Science Foundation, in Computer Equity.

Pastor Chris is currently the senior pastor of Logos Christian Fellowship and an alumnus of Golden State School of Theology. He is the Vocational and Enrichment Department Chairmen, the Technology Chairmen, and the Technology Contact at Windy Hill Middle School in Clermont, Florida.

He has been the host of numerous radio talk shows including The Exorcist Files and Chapel Time, and has been featured in MSNBC, The Learning Channel, and Charisma Magazine.

Chris is the 1999 receiver of the Disney Teacherrrifc Special Judges Award and has been Teacher of the Year twice in Lake County, Florida.

He is a devoted husband and parent. Pastor Chris has been a Missionary to Tonga, South Pacific, Haiti, in the Caribbean, Guatemala, C.A., Mexico, and Kenya, South Africa, and has taught in California, Tonga, and Florida.

Chris’ Ancient of Days 2004 topic:

“30 Years of Spirit-led Ministry to Abductees”
Chris will also sharing testimonies and from material in his new book
“Deliverance is Just a Breath Away.”

Charisma features Chris

Chris currently leads a non-denominational deliverance meetings in Central Florida. 

He has conducted a number of exorcisms using Biblical guidelines and the name of Jesus. 

He has been featured on MSNBC in an interview by Forest Sawyer and The Learning Channel with Seth Weidner. 

He has pastored
Logos Christian Fellowship for more than 15 years. 

As the host of The Exorcist Files, Chris offers listeners a peek into the world of exorcism and deliverance ministry.

Chris’ sites
The Exorcist Files

Note that not all speakers agree with one another’s viewpoints and/or worldviews, or with that of the organizers and sponsors of this conference. Our goal is firstly to provide the best information available regarding the reality and documentation of the UFO & abduction phenomena from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines, then have our speakers question and challenge one another in regards to it’s origin(s) and possible meaning(s).  The panel discussions alone should be quite interesting!

Piercing the Cosmic Veil

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Jason Dezember

Over 100 Online Testimonies that Alien Abductions
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in the Name & Authority of Jesus Christ

Are Alien Demons?
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